15 booked for sex abuse, extortion and recording videos



Ganda Singh Police booked a gang of 15 suspects and arrested three of them on charges of sodomy, extortion and threatening hundreds of girls and boys and ‘recording their videos’ in Hussain Khanwala village, sources stated.

Sheikhupura Regional Police Officer Sahibzada Shahzad Sultan visited the Police Station on Tuesday, assuring the villagers of justice.

Police have further lodged four first information reports (FIRs) on the complaint of many victim families.

The gang, according to the FIRs, had recorded videos while sodomising young boys and raping girls and extorted millions of rupees as well as gold jewellery from villagers since 2009.

Reportedly, the entire village was aware of the alleged offence but no one dared report it to police as the suspects were allegedly influential.