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Use of substandard sunglasses causing eye diseases

The sale and purchase of low price sunglasses has increased manifold in summer season but people are ignorant of their side effects.

Many customers while choosing sunglasses, prefer style, colour which suits their facial structure and feature but compromise the quality of sunglasses. Besides, the low rate of these goggles is also a matter of attraction.

However, eye specialists have different opinion regarding sunglasses being sold by the vendors on roads and streets.

An eye specialist, Dr.Anjum Khawar said on Sunday that low quality material glasses resulted in visual distortion, such as headaches, dizziness, blurred vision and other symptoms.

She suggested people to purchase sunglasses from qualified optical shops to ensure health of their eyes.

Salim Raza, a customer, admitted that the matter of selecting good”quality sunglasses” is not easy either, as the sale”and”purchase of imperfect, faulty or substandard sunglasses during the summer season always goes unchecked and causes many eye diseases.

He said these vendors selling substandard sunglasses are busy in their business in various main and small markets of all sectors including Super Market (F/6), Jinnah Super (F/7), Ayub Market (F/8),F/10, F/11, G/6, G/7, G/8, G/9, G/10, G/11, H/9 Sunday Bazaar, I/8,I/9, I/10 Markaz, and on traffic signals and roadside of Fatima Jinnah Park (F/9) offering a wide range of sunglasses that attract a number of customers because of its cheap prices.

Dr.Zeba Matin, an eye specialist said that it is appropriate to use sunglasses in Summer but warned that low’quality sunglasses are causing various eye diseases among the citizens, who usually focus on cheap prices instead of quality.

Another customer, Adnan Khan said that China made sunglasses ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 500 are available in the markets. He claimed that most of the roadside and footpath vendors purchase defective sunglasses at cheaper rates from dealers, who import sunglasses from abroad.

Awais Abid, a customer informed that last summer, he spent Rs. 100 to get sunglasses from a vendor on a roadside in a bid to safe himself from the sizzling heat and the temperature.

However, after using the glasses for a couple of days, the symptoms quickly arise as he started feeling drowsiness and his vision get blurred and water started pouring out of his eyes.

The vendors are of their opinion that they were selling high quality imported sunglasses that could not harm eyesight of users.

When asked how he knows he is selling qualified UV filtered sunglasses, the vendor said he was not aware of the medical terminology.

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