Govt forbids English translation of sacred Islamic names, words


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday approved a summary prohibiting English translation of Islamic terms, a news channel has reported.

According to Samaa News, sacred Arabic names and words like Allah, Masjid, Sala’at and Rasool are now forbidden to be translated into English as God, Mosque, Prayer and Prophet.

The channel said that the government’s move has been appreciated by religious scholars.

Jamia Binoria Karachi head Mufti Naeem told the news channel that the decision is commendable and should be enforced in letter and spirit.

He appreciated the prime minister for taking the decision in the holy month of Ramzan.

Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Chairman Mufti Muneebur Rehman also lauded the move, saying some religious terms and names are best described in Arabic.


  1. This has to be a joke, right? It's almost reminding us of those times when people won't let the Quran be translated. What better could we expect from a PM who calls Islamabad "Dar-ul-Khilafa" and considers himself the Caliph?

  2. Islam the false cult of Arab bedoins and Napakistan Terrorist and official Terrorist policy of Napakistani Punjabi Raj

      • Or Camel urine?
        All religions are spread hatred and violence. Hinduism and Islam both are prone to doing this.
        No need to fight over religion, there is no evidence for any of it anyway.

        • Islam stands alone in the 21st century as the most violent religion with far more massacres, rampages, riots and Jihadist attacks than all other 21st-century religions COMBINED:
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          May 23-29, 2015
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          Dead Bodies: 773
          Critically Injured: 331

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          Countries: 25
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  3. How do I relate my faith to someone who may be curious to know about it, if I cannot use the translations. Do I ask him to study Arabic first?
    This is an anti islamic act with wahabi connotations, this restricts the propagation of faith or inquiries about our faith.

  4. Each and every text of the Holy (sacred) Quran is sacre!!!
    Is it a sin/crime to have a translation of the Holy Quran in Al-Bakistan?
    Is islam only for the arab speaking world?

    • Why was the Quran revealed in arabic then? Thats the question you should be asking yourself.
      Its all a hoax. Religion that is.

      • The people first involved with this relgion were desert Arabs and so it is in their language not yours,The rest of the Muslims are all converts.Only Arabs are the original Muslims and not surprisingly even today others are treated like this by the Arabs.

  5. I think Pakistan, instead of progressing & becoming more scientific, is rather moving in the reverse direction. Mullah and other illiterate religious groups want to take Pakistan 1400 yrs back. That era is gone. we need to live in current century. liberal & progressive people of Pak have to make their voice count.

  6. This must be a hoax. Or is the next step to be banning reading the Holy Koran in any language other than Arabic???

  7. Ah yes, religious thuggery at its best. Religion needs to stop meddling in issues where it has no business. Why would any god care which language you use? Makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Like the mono theistic god,this god is also mono lingual! does not understand other languages,Maybe he will need a translator if others pray to him if prayers are in non arabic language!

  8. Good move. The less the filthy Quran is translated into English, the less non-Muslim English-speakers will be poisoned by the barbaric religion of Islam. The Quran has more text about hating and killing Jews than Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf." "The amount of anti-Jewish text in Mein Kampf adds up to 7 percent in total, whilst the largely non-abrograted Medinan verses of the Qur'an contain more than double that amount, standing at almost 17 percent"

  9. "Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Saturday approved a summary prohibiting English translation of Islamic terms, a news channel has reported."

    Satans muslims are…. satans muslims

  10. Pakistan is a laughing stock in the civilised world and this idiocy adds even more ridicule.

    A pathetic attempt to hide the true contents of the koran and the sick ideology of Islam.

    Note to Pakistani politicians– it WON'T WORK- the Islamic CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG and online right before your eyes!!

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