CM puts the province on flood alert


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that the protective arrangements for coping with the possible flood and monsoon should be better than the previous year and all protective arrangements should be regularly monitored. He said that the Cabinet Committee on Flood should ensure immediate implementation of the decisions taken in regard to coping with the possibility of floods and warned that he will not tolerate any delay in this regard.

While addressing a high level meeting at Civil Secretariat through a video link, Shahbaz said that all precautionary measures for damage control in case of flooding in monsoon should be promptly taken. Shahbaz Sharif said that all concerned federal and provincial departments should complete precautionary arrangements for coping with possible flood. He said that Cabinet Committee on Flood should personally monitor protective arrangements by visiting various places. He said that protective arrangements should be effective and comprehensive in all respects.

The Chief Minister directed that the weather situation and flow of water in the rivers should be monitored at all times and all concerned departments and institutions should remain alert in view of the situation.

Shahbaz Sharif directed Cabinet Committee on Flood to personally visit 13 places of the province and review protective arrangements. He said that members of the committee should personally inspect protective bunds and spurs on rivers. He further said that in addition to protective arrangements, the committee should also review the stock of medicines and the working condition of necessary equipments.

The Chief Minister directed concerned officials to immediately remove encroachments alongside with the help of district administration and police.

Shahbaz said that there should be an effective system of data sharing between federal and provincial governments. He added that there will be third party audit of protective arrangements being made for coping with the possible flood. He directed the Cabinet Committee on Flood to ensure implementation on the decisions taken in this regard.

CM said that the boats, de-watering sets and other equipments should also in working condition. He said that there should be abundant stock of medicines, clean drinking water, fodder for livestock and other necessary items. He also directed that the ongoing work for improvement of drainage canals of Sialkot be completed as soon as possible.