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Wildlife Authorities seize leopard in Gidarpur


The Wildlife Authorities seized a leopard cub on Thursday, from a village of Gidarpur forest range. The female cub is said to be three months old and was shifted to Dhodiyal Peasantry, according to WA officials.

“She is healthy and has no injury marks on her body,” said an official.

Mansehra Sub divisional Wildlife officer Khurshid Abbasi claimed he received a tip about a leopard being poached by some villagers, so he led a raid Wednesday night in the forest.

Locals said some unidentified people had poached the cub to sell or smuggle. However, the authorities got there in time to rescue the animal.

Abbasi said the Hazara division, especially Kaghan Valley and Galiyat, have over 40 pairs of leopards like these.