Imran vows to expose Punjab govt after torture on nephews went viral


In a series of aggressive tweets on his official Twitter, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan took the Punjab government to task on Friday, over the recent arrest and torture of two of his nephews by the Punjab police, for allegedly violating traffic rules.

The PTI chief questioned the police officials’ actions, claiming that his nephews were mistreated ‘because of who they are’.

Hitting out at the Punjab Police force, Khan claimed that ‘Punjab police are Gullus’.

Vouching for his nephews as “decent youngsters”, Imran expressed his satisfaction over their upbringing.

He also said that his nephews did not use their relationship with Imran Khan for their own vested interests. 

Imran said that he will pursue this case to “expose” the Punjab government which, he alleged, is using its police force for political victimisation.

Speaking to media representatives on Thursday, Imran’s sister Dr Uzma said she had filed a complaint against the alleged torture of her children in police custody. She said her boys were beaten with butts of guns during custody and the complaint was her effort to ensure that no one else’s children face such treatment in future.


  1. you break the law- you get punished!Imu the born liar is just capitalizing on the issue- in any case donkeys like imu and his law breaking nephews, only know the language of a stick!Law breaking runs in the family.

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