Pakistan hasn’t shared any terror evidence against India, says US

Pakistan has not shared with the US any evidence of India’s involvement in terrorist activities inside its territory, the US State Department has said.
During a recent visit to Washington, Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary had said that Pakistan had evidence of Indian involvement in terrorism in the country.
“I am not aware of any such delivery,” said US State Department spokesman John Kirby when asked at a news briefing if Pakistan had shared those proofs with the United States.
Kirby, however, also refused to comment on India’s claim that it had its own evidence to prove that Pakistan was involved in terrorist attacks inside India. Instead, he urged both countries to resolve their differences peacefully.
“We want tensions between India and Pakistan to be reduced. We want them to work together bilaterally to resolve some of these differences,” he said.


  1. And what can America do even if Pakistan gave them proof…will they bomb India? India had given them plenty of proof on the Mumbai attacks….they even had Headley confess the role of many countries and groups who sponsored these attacks, and what did America do? They are just a bunch of loud mouthed, pretentious arrogant liars, who will go to any lengths to attain their selfish goal.

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