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PR guru Carson highlights importance of marketing

US-based marketing expert praises Pakistan’s hospitality, its practices in Ramzan, says youth needs to project Pakistan’s positive image abroad

Mitch Carson, a multi-dimensional personality from California, having expertise in seminar promotion, public relation (PR) and marketing strategies, differentiated between the scope of PR in public and private sectors, saying that PR in public sector was chained while its scope was much widened in the private sector.

Pakistan Today got an opportunity to have an informal conversation with Carson, who is visiting Lahore these days.

During a meeting with this scribe, Carson said that he was an “instant celebrity maker” by virtue of his marketing and PR techniques. He said that he reads more than a hundred books annually, covering marketing, sales fiction and success stories of famous personalities. He terms this reading practice as his “muscles exercise to stay fresh”.

Talking about his experience of visiting Lahore in Ramzan, Carson said that it was one of the best experiences of his life watching people having free foods during Shar and Iftaar. “Nobody can die hungry in Pakistan in Ramzan,” says Carson who has previously visited Karachi and Peshawar as well and will leave for United States this week.

Carson also lauded the hospitality of the Pakistani people and rated it at number one in the world, saying they were very polite and helpful to the foreigners. He said Pakistan was a great and beautiful place for the foreigners.

“I must say the real Pakistan is not much known to the people in the United States, and it also needed to be marketed well in the world,” he said, adding that young Pakistanis should play an important role in marketing the positive aspects of the country through write-ups, documentaries, short film-making and creative video press releases.

Carson also said that in the modern world, without proper marketing strategy, no business could be made successful; not even politics. He said even doctors and other professionals in the Western countries studied marketing or hired consultants to properly market their skills.

“Marketing strategies are lacking in Pakistan as I didn’t see a single restaurant in this country noting down the contact numbers of its customers. In my country, each and every restaurant takes the contact number of its visitors which is an excellent marketing strategy in the modern world,” said Carson.

He also visited Government College University on Monday and delivered a lecture there on modern marketing strategies. “I feel much honoured to come in this historical institution that produced a lot of notable personalities in every field of life,” he concluded speaking at the varsity.

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