Truth or dare?

  • MQM chief says there will be bloodshed on streets if he were removed by any means, asks party members to gear up for sit-ins against ‘minus Altaf formula’
  • Swears MQM has no connection with Indian spy agency RAW, says will cleanse the party of individuals found working against state

Terming the recent allegations against his party a nefarious plan and swearing that he or his party had no connection with the Indian spy agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has warned that attempts to remove him as MQM chief would result in “war in every nook and corner” of the country.

“I swear upon Allah that neither MQM nor I have any connection with the spy agency. If RAW makes plans against Pakistan, MQM would fight alongside the Army against Indians. The enemies of Pakistan are enemies of MQM,” Hussain said, addressing supporters from London via telephone at Lal Qila Ground in Karachi on Monday evening.

The defence comes after a startling BBC report which claimed that Hussain’s party received funding from the Indian authorities.


Addressing on the occasion, Hussain also asked his party workers to “prepare themselves for sit-ins” over conspiracies hatched against the party. He said if Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan could organise a sit-in for three months then “we will organise sit-ins for six months”.

The MQM chief linked accusations of receiving Indian funding and affiliation with RAW to the “minus Altaf formula” saying there will be bloodshed on streets if he were removed by any means. “Claims of receiving Indian funding are baseless and lies,” he said.

Pointing at the crowd gathered to listen to his speech, the MQM chief warned that if he is removed, his supporters will stand divided and there will be war in the streets with no one able to stop it.


Responding to the allegations, Hussain asked if the Army and ISI were absolutely clean of individuals working against the state. “Are such people court martialled? We are but a political party, so if any such individual is found among us, the most we can do is expel him.”

He added that the party has zero tolerance for terrorists and criminals, and that if the LEAs had any proof against any party worker, then the MQM will expel them from the party.

The MQM chief also directed the party’s Rabita Committee to check whether there is anyone in the party who says he have received training in India, and inform the party or report it to LEAs.

Hussain voiced his support for the fight against terrorism in the country. “Even if my own brother is involved in terrorism, he should be apprehended and presented in court,” the MQM chief said.


The MQM chief also expressed disapproval of the Rangers in Karachi, saying Rangers Director General (DG) Major General Bilal Akbar should have taken “honest decisions and feel the pain of the families of those workers who had been killed extra-judicially by law enforcement agencies”.

Hussain also alleged that during the by-elections in NA-246, women and elders saw Rangers stamping on PTI’s ‘Bat’.

The MQM chief clarified that he did not preach acts such as extortion and forceful collection of fitra and hides of sacrificial animals. He alleged that people in different areas have been warned not to give fitra and zakat to MQM.

He further said allegations of creating ‘Jinnahpur’ were levelled against him in the past when attempts to murder him failed.

During his speech, Hussain said that all the provinces in the country have been formed along ethnic and linguistic lines. He asked for the abolition of quota system in Sindh in favour of merit.

Taking a jibe at establishment and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Hussain said that broadcast of his speeches have been banned.


While the MQM chief was addressing his supporters from London, Rangers encircled a telephone exchange on Monday evening in the Azizabad area of the city. The LEAs cordoned off the area and deployed a heavy contingent of the force in the surrounding area.

Rangers’ personnel blocked all roads leading to the exchange. The staff at the exchange was also questioned while the reason for the raid was not immediately known.


  1. Shame on the media for giving undue coverage to this criminal head of a criminal party. Our media telecasts live all of his speeches.Here, media has passed his message to public.

  2. MQM leader, if you are true and have nothing to do with all said in the news , than step aside, stop asking to fight. Pakistanis as we have seen enough blood on streets through terror groups. We do not need more blood on the streets. If you are right and all accusations against you are wrong. people will find out some day and you will become the real hero alive or dead.
    Stop your speeches and threat . If you are a true Pakistani, quit the power dream and wait. Don't destroy the nation and people from the nation if you are a real Pakistani.
    If you have done what is said in the news than : "may the Almighty take you away ASAP" and burn your soul in hell for ever.

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