Senator lashes out at PML-N govt for massive load shedding

Pakistan People's Party (PPP) parliamentary leader in Senate Saeed Ghani lambasted the federal government of the PML-N for failing to end or at least reduce the duration of unannounced and prolonged outages all over the country and said the federal government of PML-N had utterly failed to protect the people from nerve-writhing and flesh-consuming blackouts amid the mercury at its height in the holy month of Ramadan.
The PML-N had made tall claims during general elections 2013 for wiping out the menace of blackouts from the country in just six months but the agony of blackouts was allowed to prevail, he complained. The electricity consumers were also punished with irrational and illogical increase in electricity tariff while the power distribution companies wreaked havoc on the helpless consumers with inflated electricity bills, deplored the PPP senator.
In a statement issued on Sunday, he said the spells of blackouts across the country had been no less than 12 hours while the overall scenario in rural Sindh was for 22 hours and the blackout duration in urban parts, especially in Karachi, was 12-16 hours. The acute power crisis had led to sheer stages of despondency and frustration and the people were getting deprived of bread and butter resources.
The PMLN federal government was taking along its own defined agenda of priorities while ignoring the just demands and necessities of the people, which would inflict irreparable repercussions in form of public wrath, if remained unaddressed, warned Senator Saeed Ghani.
He asked the prime minister to explain why he failed to put the IPPs on work after he prioritised the settlement of the outstanding dues as the settlement was the key to resolve the energy crisis. The PMLN government had so hastily prioritised the settlements as if it was the outstanding debt, which if not settled on time, the IMF would declare the country as a defaulter.