Cheapest security available at Zardari’s town!


23 guards of Naundero municipality get Rs 750 salary per month only

As many as 23 security guards of Naundero municipality are working at Rs 750 monthly salary despite the fact that the Sindh government has announced minimum monthly wage of workers at Rs13,000. These guards are performing their duties during night time to protect citizens from thefts and other crimes.

They walk in the streets throughout the darkness amid hot weather to avert any criminal activity. Despite having no leave and performing duty at meager salary, they are protecting citizens in Garibabad, Katpar Muhalla, Pir Ghirghal Shah Muhalla, Qari Sahab Ji Masjid, Shahi Bazaar, Station Road, Pir Chodhial Shah and other localities.

This security system was introduced here in early 1960 by Hindu Panchyat Mukhi Seth Paroo Mal who also introduced street lights which were lit by these security guards with the help of kerosene at that time which were affixed in each street of this town.

In 1979 they were recruited on payment of Rs 400 per month and they were also given guns, cartridges and torches to face any untoward situation and then their services were merged into municipal committee. In 2005, their salary was increased just by Rs 350 and since then they are working tirelessly for the benefit of the common man, but the local sanitation authorities have failed to recognise their meritorious services.

The authorities are also reluctant to regularise them despite hundreds of fresh appointments made during the last eight years, but these poor employees were ignored. They have also been deprived of guns and now they carry cudgels with them only to fight stray dogs as they cannot defend themselves with these wooden sticks.

Rajib Khakheli, Muharram Channo, Zamir Phulpoto, Muhammad Khan Siyal, Yasir Mirani and other security guards told newsmen here that they had always been neglected by the municipal authorities and have always been treated step-motherly.


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