Zardari’s utterances are ‘manifestation of frustration’: JUP


Sindh United Party President Sayed Jalal Mehmood Shah has termed the utterances of PPP co-chairman and former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari as ‘manifestation of frustration’.

“Linking the ongoing accountability process against corruption with character assassination,” using the Sindh Card as cover up of corruption and reminding the establishment of his loyalties, was nothing but an attempt to save the wealth amassed through corruption,” he said in a statement issued from Haider Manzil.

“The people of Sindh, however, will never take to streets for their help to safeguard the illegally accumulated wealth worth thousands of billions of rupees,” he said commenting on Zardari’s statement.

Shah said: “The rampant corruption, incapability, tradition of recommendation and bad governance has destroyed the merit culture which was the real identity of Sindh. This way Sindh has turned into an unstable province in terms of politics, economy and administration. The administrative structure of Sindh has collapsed and its bureaucracy is acting as per ‘sweet wishes’ of political leadership instead of serving the masses, which again has smashed the social fabric of Sindh.”

The SUP president underlining the need of peace, development and eradication of corruption for progress and prosperity of Sindh, said: “Unfortunately, the Zardari group has no such agenda.”

Supporting the measures taken by different state organisations against the corrupt elements, Sayed Jalal Shah viewed that linking anti-corruption steps to the character assassination was unfair, as PPP, itself had endorsed the decisions taken by National Accountability Bureau, apex committee and other moves against the terrorism.”

Shah called for expediting the process of accountability and taking actions seriously by making the NAB more effective focusing the ongoing anti-terrorism operation and making it result-oriented by extending it from Karachi to Shikarpur and continuing it till complete restoration of peace.

He advised the federal government not to become hostage in the name of political reconciliation and continue its accountability process without accepting any pressure. “The military and accountability organisations of the country must sustain all the pressures and continue playing their role against terrorism, corruption and lawlessness, or otherwise the trust of people of Sindh in federal organisations would stand shattered.”