KE says no load shedding during sehr and iftar


The K-Electric (KE) through its press statement has announced that there will be no load-shedding during Sehri and Iftar in the holy month of Ramadan in any part of the city.

The residential and commercial areas will have uninterrupted power supply during Sehri and Iftar. The power utility would provide maximum relief to the consumers in the holy month.

Furthermore, a meeting was held with the SSGC delegation where the KE requested the gas company to keep the gas supply and its pressure at adequate levels so that electricity production at KE’s gas-fired plants does not get affected.

About the difference between load-shedding and power outages, the KE spokesperson reiterated: “It is important to understand the difference between loads-shedding and faults/tripping. The KE is operating through approximately 1,400 feeders scattered over an area as vast as 6,500 sq km. Moreover, there are about 64 grid stations with 2,500 sub-stations which include more than 20,000 PMTs. Covering such a network it is natural if a fault erupts, and there is sometimes a chance of tripping at these grid stations as well that leads to power outages which should not in any way be confused with load-shedding.”