Bara Kahu a security threat?


Islamabad’s suburban area Bara Kahu, where a large number of Afghan nationals and suspected militants from FATA are staying by hiring houses at considerably higher rates than the market, has become a security threat to the Federal Capital.

According to the survey carried out by the security agencies, members of the banned organisations of Afghanistan and Pakistan have hired houses at much higher than the market rates as they want to keep their cells within the jurisdiction of the Federal Capital.

A serious threat was noticed by the intelligence agencies when more than 0.3 million telephone calls were recorded from Barakahu to Afghanistan during Afghan President’s visit to Pakistan. The recorded calls put the agencies at the highest level of alert. Therefore, the security agencies had to make extra ordinary efforts to ensure foolproof security for President Ashraf Ghani for his first visit to Pakistan.

After those telephone calls to and from Barakahu, a survey was carried out in the locality and several suspected terrorists were arrested during operations.

Sources said that a retired government personality who was kidnapped was kept in Barkahu for a few days and then shifted to tribal areas.

The sources said that a decision has been taken to carry out a special search operation in Barakahu and Tarnol and take strict action against those staying there illegally. A plan is also being prepared after Islamabad High Court ordered the removal of all the Katchi Abadis in areas adjoining the federal capital.