Projects initiated during PML-Q tenure being rolled back: Elahi


PML-Q leader Pervaiz Elahi on Monday alleged that the Punjab government is rolling back all major projects, including the Rescue 1122 and traffic wardens launched during his tenure as chief minister.

He criticised the Punjab government in terms of provincial budget for 2015-16, saying no subsidy has been provided to farmers while on the other hand subsidy of Rs 2 billion per month is being allowed to ‘Jangla Bus,’as well as new taxes have been levied on farmers.

He said that tax has been imposed on hair cutting, women’s makeup and photography, only 50 per cent of development budget has been utilised during outgoing financial year and funds allocated for rural districts have been utilised in Lahore.

He said the Punjab government’s internal and external loans had increased to Rs#458 billion. “A sum of Rs72 billion has been allocated for the Multan Metro Bus, yellow cab, laptop and orange line projects.”