Six year old pupil molested in F 8/4 Convent


An employee of a missionary school molested a minor student at a Convent School.

According to details, the incident occurred at the Islamabad Convent School Campus located in F-8/4 sector of the federal capital.

Waheed Maseh, employee of school, abused six years old Hamza* in the washroom of the campus.

The incident took place on June 4, while the school administration tried to keep it a secret from the media and police.

After four days, the father of the rape victim approached the Margalla police station where a complaint was registered against the rapist, Waheed Maseh, who was finally arrested.

The accused was presented before the local court of federal capital which granted physical remand till June 13, 2015.

It is important to mention here that the administration and the principal of the missionary school did not take any action against the culprit and tried to hide the issue.

Students and their parents expressed anger against the school administration and demanded to arrest the principal of the school for hiding such a shameful incident.

The religious circles of the capital city also condemned the incident and demanded the authorities to bring the culprits to justice.


*Name has been changed to protect the minor 


  1. The principal or thee administration of the school, whatever/whoever, i am afraid, not honestly trying to bring out the truth instead appears to obstruct the course of justice and is busy in hushing up the matter by imputing defaming statements to the parents of the poor child and extending veiled threats to other parents so that they abstain from participating in protests, raising or uniting voice with the parents of the poor child or joining or supporting in any manner to pursue the case legally……… Deplorable……
    To save the name of the school could have been better served by himself/herself reporting the matter to the police for investigation, if a teacher claims to be the mother of all the children of convent family, is she doing the motherly job required to be done as a parent, to me tother parents are rightly supporting the cause which appears to be the protection of their own children from such future incidents and cleansing of the school from one man or a group of wolves operating in school that can harm their children. I love to see this branch prosper, Sister Dalia and sister Tina are badly missed in the circumstances.

  2. This is extremely sad incident.I express my heartiest grief over this extremely gloomy act.At the same time,I'd suggest,school management to take strict measures to secure the lives,respect and dignity of all innocent children,who are like angels and our bright future.As a parent I consider ,teachers to be spiritual parents,who groom our future generations.However school management must show their corrective & preventive measures to curb & control such teasing accidents.All parents of children are concerned for the security of their innocent kids.I hope management must take sufficient measures to restore the confidence of all school parents.
    I extend my complete support to the school management ,in designing any policy or measure for the betterment of the system in the future.

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