Sindh govt to further strengthen law against child labour


Sindh government has decided in principle to further strengthen the existent laws against child labour in the province, said advisor to the Sindh Chief Minister, Asghar Ali Khan Junejo, on Friday.

Addressing participants of a rally, taken out under the aegis of Sindh Labour Department to mark World Child Labour Day 2015, he said a bill is being finalised by labour, social welfare and law departments prior to its presentation before the Sindh Assembly for adoption as a fully fledged law.

This would be equally focused to address any loop hole in the law crucial for children of the country, he said reiterating that forced labour particularly involving children will not be tolerated.

The Advisor to the Sindh Chief Minister said provincial government has already taken stern measures against the perpetrators of the crime and consequently all mills, factories and industrial as well as commercial units have been duly communicated that under the Child Labour Act no individual below 16 years of age can be made to work in these outlets under any condition.

The Advisor said establishment of Child Protection Authority is again a major achievement of the Sindh government where children victimised under any pretext are provided shelter as well as rehabilitation facilities.