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Ramzan preparations in full swing

The citizens of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are very happy about the arrival of Ramzan, and preparing for the month, which is likely to start from June 17, 2015.

The advent of Ramzan, the ninth and holiest month in the Muslim calendar, is traditionally confirmed by the sighting of new crescent.

Activities are on the peaks for preparation of the fasting during the month.

“We usually celebrate Ramzan as a month of prayers and inner joy, but this time the holy month is falling in the peak of summer season and the fasting would be for 15 hours so special arrangement would be taken to avoid heat affects,” said Ahad Feroz, a resident of sector G-6.

People of the twin cities have started their preparations for Ramzan and are eagerly waiting for its arrival. The passion among the youth, children and old people for fasting is worth seeing.

Amir Khan, a student said Ramzan is a gift for Muslims and they want to get more blessings from it.

Aesha Ali a house wife said, “We are prepared to welcome this holy month,” adding that they have many plans to enjoy the blessings of Allah.

Although  Ramzan will be very tough in this hot season but passion of the citizens is strong than weather, she commented.

The markets are full with Ramzan items especially, dates, grocery items, beverages, frozen items etc.

Concerned authorities are finalising arrangements for setting up “Sasta Bazars” with the starting of the month for the citizens of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The citizens have urged the government to keep strict check and balance on prices of daily use items during the whole month so that people can facilitated without any discrimination.

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