A unique suggestion for Pakistan Cricket Board from Javed Miandad


Pakistan’s cricket legend, Javed Miandad, has said on Thursday that Pakistan cricket team needed an advisor not a coach.

Javid Miandad, while talking to newsmen, said that he had high expectations from Pakistan team, adding that the team would show outstanding performance in matches against Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, the cricket legend has said that sometimes he is shocked over the perpetual injuries the player sustains during their practice, adding that such weaknesses if not recovered would lead to destruction.

In the last Javid Miandad also extended his best wishes to Pakistan team for the upcoming matches which the team would play against Sri Lanka.

Earlier, great Javed Miandad has questioned the nomination of former Test captain Zaheer Abbas for the International Cricket Council (ICC) Presidency, saying his expertise would be of no use in a ceremonial post.

“I can’t understand why Najam Sethi had last minute change of mind and talked about sending a former player for this purpose. I personally feel the ICC President’s job was the right one for Najam Sethi as it is a ceremonial post and has nothing to do with cricket,” Miandad said.

Miandad who has also thrice remained head coach of the national team felt Zaheer Abbas should have been given a job by the PCB where his cricket expertise would come into play. “In the ICC in a ceremonial post he will be wasted,” he added.





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