Israel airstrikes hit ‘terrorist’ infrastructure in Gaza


The Israeli Air Force bombed the Gaza Strip early on Sunday for the second time in three days after new rocket fire from the territory allegedly hit southern Israel, the Israeli military said.

Aircraft hit alleged “terrorist” infrastructure in the north of Gaza, a military statement said, without elaborating further.

The government also ordered the closure of the Erez and Kerem Salom border crossings until further notice.

The rocket hit open ground south of the port of Ashkelon, which was also the target of three rockets fired on Wednesday night.

The army said there are no casualties. On Friday evening, the military deployed batteries of its Iron Dome air defence system around Ashkelon as a precaution, Israeli media reported.

Rocket fire from Gaza on May 26 also drew retaliatory air raids. Nobody was hurt on either side in any of the exchanges.

Israeli media have said the latest round of rocket fire could be related to infighting between Gaza’s Hamas rulers and its hardline Islamist opponents.