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President’s speech ‘combo of PM’s press releases’

  • NA opp leader says president’s speech disappointed masses as PAT chief grills Hussain of being ‘oblivious to real issues’

President Mamnoon Hussain’s speech during the joint session of the Parliament on Thursday met criticism for falling short on “originality” and missing out on “important aspects” which the president should have highlighted.

Talking to reporters after the Parliament’s session, National Assembly opposition leader Khurshid Shah said that President Hussain’s address disappointed the people as it was written by the government in which only the administration’s performance was praised whereas nothing was said for common man’s benefit.

“Pakistan possesses 1,000 megawatt electricity generation capacity but the government has not informed the president about it,” Shah said.

In the meanwhile, addressing his workers through a video link, Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri said that the president’s speech was a “combination of several press releases of the prime minister issued in the past several weeks”.

Qadri referred to the speech as that of a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) worker rather than that of the president of Pakistan.

“On one hand the country is submerged in lawlessness, corruption, inflation, unemployment and several other ills, but the president seems to be oblivious of all the woes of the people and only worships Nawaz Sharif,” the PAT chief said.

“The countrymen held high hopes from the president of the country but all he could do was put salt on their open wounds. The president knew about cricket and spoke about it but the he does not know that the people of his country are living a life in misery due to the corruption of the rulers. Load shedding and inflation are the main worries of the people and the president skillfully avoided these most important problems of the people,” he said.

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