Eight of 10 Malala shooting suspects acquitted


Eight of the 10 men supposedly convicted and jailed for attempting to murder Nobel Peace Prize winner and education activist Malala Yousafzai were actually cleared, officials said on Friday.

In April, legal and security officials announced that a court had sentenced 10 men to life imprisonment over the attack, following a trial in Malala’s hometown of Mingora, in Swat district.

The suspects had been detained by the army during a major anti-militant offensive and the existence of the trial was kept secret until after its conclusion. No media were present for any hearings.

Salim Khan Marwat, the Swat district police chief, said that contrary to the earlier announcement, the anti-terrorist court had cleared all but two of the suspects. “Two of them were sentenced to life imprisonment while eight others were acquitted,” he said.

“I have no knowledge where the eight persons are now, either in military custody or released.”

Azad Khan, the deputy inspector general of police for Malakand division, of which Swat forms a part, confirmed the details and said the trial had been held under military supervision.

A senior court official with close knowledge of the case also confirmed the news, which emerged in a report in Britain’s Mirror newspaper.

“Two of them were convicted and eight others were acquitted because of insufficient evidences and no proofs,” the official said.

“The two, Israrullah and Izhar were sentenced to 25 years jail term, which is equivalent to life imprisonment.”

A senior security official in Mingora insisted the court had sentenced all 10 men to life imprisonment, accusing the police of lying.


  1. Now there is a surprize criminals acquitted by the courts! I wonder how much was paid to the Judges and the Police?

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