Custom court rejects Ayyan’s bail plea


A customs court in Rawalpindi on Wednesday rejected super model Ayyan Ali’s bail application after hearing arguments from both sides.

Ayyan was arrested in March on charges of smuggling US $500,000 abroad. Since then she has been held at Adiala Jail.

Ayyan’s lawyers, Sardar Latif Khosa and Sardar Ishaq appeared before the Customs court. The defence team argued that though the money was recovered from her possession, she didn’t intend to ‘smuggle’ it.

In a review on Ayyan’s bail application, Khosa said the money seized is the joint property of the model and her brother. Khosa defended Ayyan stating that the model was not taking the money out of the country and was arrested before she could get her boarding card.

He also said that access to the VIP lounge is not difficult and anyone can get access on payment of Rs 1,000, adding that she was arrested at a point where there was no customs counter. He further added that the job of the Airport Security Force (ASF) is to check for weapons.

The model charges Rs0.5 million per show in foreign countries and is an investor in Pakistan, Khosa said, adding that it is a conspiracy to stop investors from coming to Pakistan.

Customs lawyer Malik Kamal said that the model was carrying the money in her personal baggage, adding that the model failed to justify her stance and was caught red handed.

The court denied the bail application after earlier reserving its decision.

In a related development, the custodian of the money confiscated  was shot dead in Rawalpindi .

Initial investigations have revealed that custom officer Chaudhry Ijaz was a key witness in model Ayyan’s ongoing money laundering case.

Further, all the money confiscated from Ayyan at the airport was in his custody.

Ijaz was shot in the leg when two armed motorcyclists opened fire at him in the remits of Waris Khan police station. He was rushed to DHQ Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries after bleeding excessively.



  1. Only in Pakistan no one blinks a eye when the key witness in this case Custom Officer Ijaz is shot dead.
    It is clear that this so called model has some very high contacts in high places who will kill to protect there interests.
    Latif Khosa the lawyer representing this model works under the instruction of Zardari.
    So the connection between Zardari and this model is clear to everyone to see. .

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