Nisar asks India to mind its business


Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Tuesday said that India’s reaction to the CPEC project had exposed its real face before the world.

An official statement issued from the Interior Ministry said that it was clear proof that the Indian leadership is not happy to see Pakistan prosper and finds its neighbour’s progress and development “unacceptable”.

Coupled with a recent statement from the defence minister of India ─ who blatantly and unashamedly accepted responsibility for terrorism in Pakistan ─ the recent statement of intent by the Indian prime minister clearly showed India’s intentions not only to destabilise Pakistan, but to also use any means at its disposal to keep Pakistan backward and underdeveloped, said Nisar.

The interior minister said that the people of Pakistan, and its entire political and military leadership are united to fight, frustrate and defeat all themes of terrorism from wherever they may be generated. He said that the country is united to carry forward the CPEC to its logical conclusion irrespective of all scheming and conspiring on the parts of its enemies.

Instead of raising unnecessary and uncalled for objections to this vital project, the Indian leadership should focus on ameliorating the plight of their own people and extricating them from generational traps of abject poverty, hunger, disease and socio-economic backwardness, Nisar concluded.