Amy Childs mistakes deadly ebola virus for an ‘up-and-coming’ band


Amy Childs has carved out a successful career from her less-than-sharp Essex girl persona, but now the reality TV star has taken dizziness to a whole new level after mistaking Ebola for a pop band rather than the highly publicised deadly virus, which has claimed more than 40,000 lives in Africa.

The The Only Way is Essex star made her embarrassing blunder as she was being interview by BBC presenter Jolyon Rubinstein, on the MOBO’s red carpet in London last month.

Mr Rubinstein asked Miss Childs: “Have we done enough to prevent the spread of Ebola?” To which a flummoxed Miss Childs responded: “What?”

The video then cuts to the presenter saying: “You know Ebola is going to be huge, don’t you?”

Then Miss Childs appeared to warm to the subject, responding enthusiastically: “I might be a big fan after tonight… I think it will be absolutely amazing.”

Her lack of current affairs knowledge may be explained by her one-woman mission to find a man.

“I’m now ready to meet someone. I work seven days a week, I live on my own, I’ve got a dog, I’m ready to be with someone but I’m not going to rush into anything. I’m dating, but I’m not getting married or anything. It’s all good,” she told the Mail Online.

Singer Ella Eyre also fell victim to the 33-year-old The Revolution Will Be Televised presenter’s tricky questions when he asked her if she had a message for demonstrators in Hong Kong.

This article was originally published in the Telegraph.


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