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Delayed again – Metro to launch June 6

The launch of  the Metro Bus Service (MBS) in the twin cities has once again been delayed, and  MBS Chairman Hanif Abbasi has given June 6, 2015, as the new date for the opening.

According to media reports, Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif chaired the meeting related to Metro bus project in Islamabad that was attended by Chairman MBS Hanif Abbasi, projector directors and senior officials.

Hanif Abbasi briefed Shahbaz Sharif on the progress of the Metro Bus Project. He said the development work in Rawalpindi has been completed, while cleaning and revamping work is ongoing fast.

In the meantime, the project work in Islamabad is also ongoing with good pace, which would be completed by May 28, 2015.

The metro bus service for the twin cities is one of the finest in history, which is why the launch ceremony should also be done in an amazing style, for which preparation are underway.

Hanif Abbasi requested CM Punjab to extend the launching date of MBS. However, Shahbaz Sharif said that the new date would be approved with the consultation of all members.

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  1. IbbeRaja said:

    Either you Plan better Mr Hanif abbasi or your planning is as thick as your head.

  2. zaeem zafar said:

    I think Hanif abbasi is currently (And as always) busy in printing the banner of " HUM RAJA MUHAMMAD HANIF ABBASI K NEHAYAT MASHKOOR HAIN blaw blaw blaw..! "

  3. Peter Kelly said:

    Shabash Mian Sahib well done. Continue the good work as my fellow Pakistanis deserve the Kingdom of Mians.
    Hopefully all the citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad will also get a pack of sleeping pills from Abbasi's medicine empire. Congratulations!

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