Axact wasn’t just selling fake degrees!

  • Company trains qualified locals and hires them on hefty pay packages to tender paraphrased research articles for clients
  • Axact’s Education Department steals registered courses from journals, churns out fake courses to go with American sounding fictitious colleges, professors


Apart from the alleged sale of fake diplomas and degrees through its online universities and colleges, Karachi-based IT company Axact has also been offering its services as “proxy students”, filling in for all the academic work originally assigned to students enrolled in reputed educational institutions in US, Pakistan Today has learnt.

Documents available with Pakistan Today show that Axact has been managing the academic profiles of thousands of its clients; charging them for maintaining their grades.

“If one wants to have a diploma from some accredited and recognised US online institute, no worries, just get enrolled, the remaining jobs; such as assignments, quizzes and tests, would be done by a brilliant team at Axact,” a company insider told Pakistan Today on condition of anonymity.

Investigation further reveals that one of Axact’s clients, Kathleen Barry, is enrolled with Chicago-based Bellevue University, which is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission through the US Department of Education. She is enrolled in the university courses; Egyptian Tombs and Treasures (module 2147-1) and Survey of Art Since 1400 (module 2145-1).

Barry outsourced her studies to Axact and being relieved of studying tough modules, she worked extra hours to pay Axact for those phony jobs, insiders said.

For years, Axact has been running, what educationist Moazzam Ali Shah called “unethical business of cheating universities through its educational services for the students”.

“We never know if Barry would be teaching Art in some university after getting a diploma from Bellevue University. Just imagine, what would become of those students under her,” he said.

Moreover, Alec Hu Tan, a student of the University of Phoenix, Florida is enrolled in Consumer Psychology and Research course. All his assignments and mail correspondence are done at the Axact office. Alec’s account could be accessed by logging in at with ID “alec168” and password “Buonmethuot1”, as informed by Axact insiders.

Axact 1


Axact has three departments at its Karachi office– Sales, Education and Research and Development.

Research and Development is reportedly run under Umaima Jalal and Umair Haroon, who hire people on luxurious salary packages. The department has about 100 employees who are initially trained for a month to write thesis, assignments and projects for students enrolled in universities.

An insider told Pakistan Today that the training was conducted by Haroon and Saad Hasan. In these training sessions, employees were given passwords of online journals from where they copied theses and rephrased it for clients.

After the month-long training, they were given certificates of being trained as Axact Research Professionals. “The Research Department in Axact is nothing more than an intellectual and copyrights theft cell in which people make assignments, dissertations and thesis for thousands of dollars,” he added.


This department also has “portal teams” which are run under Luma Qasim Naqvi, Javeria Khalid, Ali Raza and Zain Ahmed.

This department has passwords of students from various real universities, including Phoenix University, Grand Canyon University, Walden University, Ashford University, Kaplan University Devry, Trident and Strayer, and provides services for spring, fall and summer courses for $40,000 to $100,000 per client/student.

The list of courses these teams are working on for students along with the names of the universities and account details is available with Pakistan Today.

The documents show that Javeria Khalid, who was a part of Luma Naqvi’s team, was presently working on HRM, Ethics in Decision Making, Child and Adolescent Health, Research Theory Design Method, Positive Psychology-What’s Right with Me, Cultural Diversity, Business, Sociology and Health Care, Community Health and Development, 21st Century skills: Communication and Information Literacy and Managing Strategy Global Market.

Axact recently furnished assignments of Ekta Patel from Brenau University along with Fatima, Michelle Allen, Catherine Riley, Fatima Hdir, Diana, Sadegh Robinson, Niya Lee, Daryl Whiten and April who are studying in different universities.

Likewise, ‘researcher’ Beenish Hafeez was drafting assignments for Christopher for subjects including Organizational Leadership: Doctoral Theory and Practice, Building and Leadership Creative, Strategic Management, Project Management and Managing the Global Logistic Chain.

The document also mentioned in depth that Mashaal Faseeh, who is part of Ali Raza’s portal team, was preparing courses on: ICT in Environmental Science, Finance and Health Economics, Financial Planning, Principals of Accounting II, Strategic Cost Management, Financial Management, Personal Finance, Dissertation 1, Financial Management, Project Risk Management, English Composition, Principals of Hospitality and Tourism Management and Accounting for Decision Making. Her clients are Michael (Oxford), Jayne, Mark O Keny, Ameer, Olumide, David Robinson, Ekta Patel, Abdul Salam, Angel Mousa, Andrean and Ralph Saorrono.

Likewise, Anam Kazi from the same team was presently working on Comprehensive Health Assessment, Transition from LPN to BS, Spirituality in Health Care, Environment, Capstone, Clinical Intervention in Couple and Family Social Work Practice, Essentials of Nursing Research, Inquiry and Evidence-based Practice/Health Promotion and Disease Prevention in a Diverse Community, Research Methods Health Service and Nursing Research Methods courses. The clients for the these courses are Tajinder Gill, Precious Darby, Amy Thompson, Shenella White, Adeline, Garfield, Desiree, Erika Kout, Fatima Hdir and RosallyTores.

Axact 2


A former employee Fouad Khan said, “Umaima Jalal is also the head of Education Department at Axact where she heads a team of eight girls. These girls impersonate as professors in universities set up by Axact.”

Khan added that these girls are given targets to produce more and more courses by copying online material from other courses and then run their own multiple courses keeping different American names for themselves.

“The Sales Department of Axact is also involved in this crime as they call students from around the globe to join this university which will later give them degree (convincing how the university is easier than other online universities and providing the same degree),” he said.

He added that some of the universities include Mary Grand High School, Mount Lincoln University, Nicholson University, Redding University, Walford University, Wiley University, Windham University and Brooksville University.

“Rabeel Shaikh, Abida Ali, Sumaira Shoaib, Sana Aamir, Huma Ahmed, Shiza Shahab and Sadaf Zain are some of the personnel who were especially trained to cater to CVs of clients for hundreds of dollars,” Khan claimed.

A current employee, who works in the Marketing Department, told Pakistan Today, “It is sad to see that coming from great universities– such as Javeria Khalid being from CBM and Sadaf Zain from SZABIST– these people indulge in cyber crime, blinded by a handsome pay package of Rs  60,000 in salary, a car and a cell phone.”

Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh


Furthermore, Sales and IT departments work together for selling fake degrees, say the insiders.

An employee working in the Sales Department shared that they mostly target Middle Eastern countries. “We are kept in so much pressure by our managers to meet our million dollar targets that we quote the price for the fake degree as high as we can,” he said.

“I have sold degrees ranging from $20,000 to $50,000. We charge our clients extra for the stamps and verification from US (which is fake),” she added.

“We provide this fake degree for the professional experience they have done (and make up for some who has no professional experience). A satisfied client brings a lot of business,” she said.

“We remain in touch with our clients with American numbers which are in computer and also we have WhatsApp on these numbers which makes them think we are from America. We use fake American names and speak with an American accent to convince clients,” she said.

The Axact management could not be reached for comment in this regard.

The revelation is likely to build more pressure on Axact, as Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday announced that the government would approach Interpol and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for assistance in the probe into the Axact fake degree scandal.

The minister told reporters in Islamabad that Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had found substantive evidence during initial enquiry that warranted  a more thorough probe into the affairs of the company.

Axact has meanwhile, vehemently denied the fake degree charges levelled against it by The New York Times investigative journalist Declan Walsh.



      • it is true. I have data of PPTs made by Axact by the fake professors of education department . I also have many other sales documents which has lists of the clients and lists of excel sheets which have fake degrees provided. I m planning to give that too with names. Its important to give names so that FIA investigates, be it females or males involved. A crime is a crime and comments over here have accepted that people are involved in this crime this is why they are so angry.

    • I think most of the freelance companies and their providers provide the simillar services like ghost writting, email marketing, assignments, theisis, papers, articles etc.These companies include fomous freelancer companies of the world like, elance, etc

  2. wht d hell is this! unbelievable. is dis a scam? is dis done by some other company trying to blame axact or what? if its true then its really sad. i do stand with axact n bol cuz its being raped by other channels but if this is true den i would hate the company forever!

    • it is true. I have data of PPTs made by Axact by the fake professors of education department . I also have many other sales documents which has lists of the clients and lists of excel sheets which have fake degrees provided. I m planning to give that too with names. Its important to give names so that FIA investigates, be it females or males involved. A crime is a crime and comments over here have accepted that people are involved in this crime.

  3. Oh My God. I am from Axact and I know all these people! But I don't think they are involved in such crime. FIA should investigate it and proof this wrong! FIA need to seize computers and demand for data of these names and proof whether right or wrong. Because I think this is wrong!

  4. i am an x axactian and all this is very true! this team is named under portal team. sadly someone shared their document and its out.

  5. Im currently working in sales in axact and this news is 100% true. Glad someone revealed true face of axact as I am resigning tomorrow. Umaima jalal is involved in the most fake education provided. Very sad

    • So you were waiting for someone else to prove this.. you should have resigned a way earlier.. now you have no option but to resign..

    • You should have Shame on yourself
      So you were waiting for the right time ?
      And until and unless the right time comes up you were busy in enjoying the essense of this fruitful tree..
      You should be charged too
      You are a victim of cyber crime
      Axact is being run because it has such people like you
      You are as scammer as thr org

  6. Just look at these so called icons of investigative journalism, men like Kamran Khan etc, who like rats have jumped from a sinking ship, which they joined with much fanfare and hefty pay packages. Will anybody believe that they were unaware of this whole fraud?

  7. I cant stop laughing lmao! By the way true data 🙂 nice work done! But i know fouad personally and he cannot do this

  8. Malik i dont think kamran khan would know about fraud but axact shady image we all knew. No suprise for release of illegal work done by axact

  9. abey yeh sab kya hai ? kya chalra hai axact mai. mujey bhi doctor bana do bhai mai enroll karta hun harvard mai axact k employee ko kaho mujey pass kara deiiinnn..

  10. If the paper/author has the evidence as claimed, then this must be reported to all the concerned universities/registrars offices. All the names, courses all the details must be passed with immediate effect. This is the paper’s ethical, moral and legal responsibility.

    At the least a copy of this article/weblink should be sent to all the concerned registrars.

  11. Being excellent does not mean being conscience. And you're agreeing that assignments were actually sent to you, after studying at lums you end up doing assignments for some other students (forgot all the lecture on plagiarism?) ? This feel sick because I am a lums graduate and reading your comment made me feel sick to my core.

  12. I have also worked in Axact’s R&D department and I am well aware of Education Mgt functions as well. These allegations clearly show a huge conspiracy against the company and the leaders working there. I personally know most of the people whose names have been mentioned here. I was lucky to have such friends and bosses – they were like a family to me. Hitting individual employees and that too with false accusations is highly condemnable.

  13. I am the real batool from LUMS. I am posting from my real Facebook Id as someone is trying to impersonate me. I did not write this comment. I don't personally know any umaima . I have no connection with Axact , so I am neither commenting nor condemning. And get a life to whoever who is trying to be me.

    • Its great that you clarified and posted from ur real id. Its really low of someone to impersonate u nd make fake stories of you being associated with axact. However, I would like to know your views on this?

      • Why silent miss batool? Scared of giving comments on axact ? because I have heard alot too about axact , but I dont agree to this article to be honest

    • Oh and in case u think this Id is fake, let me tell you who I am, I’m working in axacts surveillance team, lol and I have seen some great footages of u and fouad khan (the other guy), lol it will be interesting if I can fwd those to other news publication, telling them about axacts Porno involvmen.. just think how epic wud tht be.

      • what the heell are you talking about faoud is a good man and batool too . a beautiful graduate from LUMS. it is freelancing and most of the people are doing it. Although its true but Dont leak like this. Although Umair haroon and Umaima Jalal are SDO's but they r hard working .

    • Have you considered the possibility that there are more than one "Batool"s who graduated from LUMS? Anyhow it's fine that you clarified.

  14. a very cheap job done by the media..

    Whatever the organization does..accuse them..but NOT THE EMPLOYEES

    by leaking out names and bringing shame to those employees who worked day
    and night over there honestly and ONLY FOLLOWED THE ORDERS of their superiors..
    putting their names here is a very horrible thing to do..

    shame on the person who has written this article

    Whatever is happening at AXACT…the hundreds of employees working there are definitely not to be blamed!!
    Those employees have families and other responsibilities aswell and they are in huge crisis

    All u media people care about is how to attract more and more readers and give them some saucy news

    SHAME ON YOUUUU!!!! :@
    Our media is getting ruthless by the day :@

      • How horrific to know that these young people are totally unaware that taking orders from whoever for an illegal assignment, or job is unethical it is downright CRIME!! People it is common sense you dont cheat, write someone else homework, or appear in an exam on someone else behalf, issue fake degrees and diploma:-(

  15. This is a corporate war and targetting indiviual employees, especially females, reflects low mentality of the author. This could have been published without mentioning the names as well, provided the author had sufficient authentic evidences of the same. I wonder if he even has a sister or wife.

  16. This guy, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, is an idiot. He dresses like he leads a nation, but he is just a con-artist. He is a fool not to realize that all diploma mills eventually get raided by the authorities. It was only a matter of time, and now he is a disgrace. Let this be a lesson. Running a school or any business is hard work. It takes integrity and hard work to do things the right way. Doing things the right way, always pays off in the end. Scammers always lose. Men with great honor and integrity always win. Criminals always go to jail. Honest men always leave a legacy for their family. Axact has scammed by many, many, many people. Many people have been hurt by this scam. Not just the employees of axact, but all of the victims that thought they were getting real diplomas.

  17. Well, any sane person can judge how well the game has been plotted by the author or the person who he claims to have interviewed or got evidence from. We all know that axact is in the lime light these days and everyone is taking advantage of this. To sell the stories, stories are being made up. Every next day we see a new allegation against Axact which has been operating since yearssss ..and suddenly when their associated company/BOL Channel announced its launch, the media realized that Axact has some illegal businesses. Media created a hype blaming the parent company for several things and everyday we see a new allegation against axact. Wow. This cheap journalism is making me sick now. Are are really educated? We are defaming our own country, intentionally or unintentionally.

  18. This article shows low mentality of the author who is defaming the name of his own country. Why don’t you discuss other culprits like Mir shakeel ur rehman and salman lakhani who has been charged guilty but still free? Ofcourse bcz u don’t have the guts.shame n you Hassan naqvi.

  19. If axact is providing the HIDDEN facilities to students for their assignments and research work
    then this website is doing this openly.

    checkout this website. This website offers students to write assignments and research work. Is this wrong ? Why is this website running in the European countries.

    Writing the the assignments for students can be ethically wrong but this isn't illegal. No law stops you from doing this.

    • DONT CLAIM TO BE A LEADING IT FIRM then. CLEARLY specify that on your website, if you think its not unethical.

      • I said this can be ethically wrong but this isn't legally wrong. Every company claims that they are best & providing the best to their customers same goes for news channels. If Exact is claiming then its just a marketing tactic nothing more than this.Don't get serious about that.

    • I agree with you that outsourcing research is not illegal but impersonating professors is XD

    • its unethical. Axact should accept what they are doing. if they are acting as fake professors, giving degrees or operating portals of other students, why doesnt their website mention it? its highly unethical and playing with innocent people money

      • I am not supporting Axact & neither i am related to Axact but one has to be little bit conscious while blaming someone.

        First of All one should understand that this is still a blame on Axact. This is not yet proved. What is actual game behind , you and me can't get that at this time. It would be disclosed with time.

        Govt & Media Channel Says: They are selling Fake degrees.
        Axact Owner Says ( I had listen his program with Kashif Abbasi): They are providing services to online Universities to use Axact's system as course management, student management etc etc. They are also providing services to online Universities to print and give degree to students on the behalf of University. This is just like the back office. For example IF American bank does not print its own cheque book. It would outsource its printing of cheque books to some other company around the world. The company who has the rights to print cheque book, that isn't printing fake cheques. They are doing on the behalf of American bank.

        So we should listen to both side & we can't say someone is selling fake degrees or not until and unless proven guilty.

        • dont be so naive. ask some one who works there. everyone knows man. every one knows they are try to save their jobs n stuff. the only think that make me sad is that the clerks and security guards or driver would lose thier jobs bcoz of those inside the company selling these products.

    • Even this guy looks like a Pakistani or Indian because he doesn't have domain for Australia he is using sub domain for Australia. Australian domain requires ABN number.

  20. Geo is the most corrupted network, it even dont want pakistan to prosper, all faces of newscasters with manhoosiat looks, makroo chehrey.

  21. These people/Journalists should go out more. They do not seem to have a clue about the online world and services being offered there.
    In western world, there are many many businesses offering essay and thesis writing services. It is not a crime in those countries. Same goes for online degrees. It is not illegal to issue a degree that is not accredited and is based upon work experience. IT IS NOT ILLEGAL.
    Poor AXACT is being victimized by the rival TV channels who are afrain of BOL.
    Very unfortunate.

    • i am not sure about legality yet. but its sure unethical. and its unethical of you guys to hide it further.. no body seems to know what you guys did. shame on you.

    • Agree with you, that in western world, there are many many businesses offering essay and thesis writing services. It is not a crime in those countries. Same goes for online degrees. It is not illegal to issue a degree that is not accredited and is based upon work experience. IT IS NOT ILLEGAL. Poor AXACT is being victimized by the rival TV channels who are afraid of BOL. sure its very unfortunate.

  22. Stop supporting AXACT you morons. You are too blind to see the reality. Trust me I have friends working in AXACT. One of my friend left job because he called this money HARAM. Second friend of mine confirmed me that this is what we do at AXACT and if I want a degree he can arrange for me.
    AXACT was advertising on LinkedIn for these degrees. Once I had put my number and I got a call from that fake agent. The accent he had was so fake. I told the guy he has to work hard on his accent and laughed and hung up on me. Later on I confirmed this from my friend that if AXACT is doing this. He confirmed me with YES.

    This is bloody reality. And these employees who's names are posted here are no angels.

    • Dude, Axact's business is unethical …… may be, but is it illegal? …… Not at all.

    • Dude, if I want a degree in 15 days than it is my problem. The organization providing it to me for a fee can not be blamed. This kind of business is not illegal. You can find many organizations around the world doing the same as it is not ILLEGAL.

      • @Tabishy… you are such an idiot. First if other doing wrong / unethical business doesn't mean that its right way and you can do this. 2nd, the example u just gave if I rephrase it "The organization providing some [____] and takes its fee can not be blamed." now if i put here any thing is it right. what if i put a PORT/WEED/Cocaine etc.

  23. Kamran Khan himself fake degree holder and a big fraud and MQM chamcha. Is MQM is also involved ?

  24. A good indication that finally people are starting to speak against the ill-businesses of Shoaib Shaikh particularly Axact

  25. I was associate manager in internal audit; i witness these all were happening there. Zeeshan anwer was heading internal audit and sub domain owner was Rahim Keshwani. Manager Faraz akhtar who was responsible to get access to US servers when payment to be refunded or confirming wire payments.

    the whole plan of doing scamming in this way was generated by Zeeshan Ahmed (president business unit), Farhan kamal who was heading online education department

    • nobody can ever disclose his/her personal name over a public forum for leaking such kinda info, whether correct or not!!! this must b a hideous envy over Muhammad Aamir, how can any body verify the actuality of the concerned comment????

    • this is a comment by someone posing as Muhammad Aamir. Someone is trying to discredit Aamir with this comment and create confusion in the ongoing investigations. Shame on you, who ever wrote this comment. You must have a family. what goes around comes around

  26. See, you are off the point here. It is unethical for those who are using these services and degrees. For the company, it is just a business. Legal business. There are thousands of companies and individuals out there offering these services. So why Axact?
    It is just a war between corporates. Nothing to do with it being unethical.

    • its unethical in all manners. they were selling a wrong product (something which is not what they claimed it to be) , they were deceiving the clients in some cases. thats illegal. if it was legal or lets say ethical. why didnt they openly mentioned about it in their website, nobody seemed to knew what they did.

  27. Tabishy how is this a legal business please explain? Let's hire resources pay them good money and tell them to rob bank for us.. will that be legal business too?

  28. Bol workers and employes worked for dollers not for truth ……. they all .know the activities of axact and bol.

  29. If its all true, then i must say that IT of Axact made a little mistake…. they must have had all these on cloud with proxy servers based in unknown switzerland – Would have been tough for investigators 😉

  30. All people of pakistan are siding with the crackdown against the scam company.. It should be banned and sealed. It has not only impaired image of our country, but also played with the future of innocent people across the world.. It is shameful for us and we all should discourage this, and support what our media and FIA is doing against this so called IT world leader.

    It is message for the world, and now all such fake universities which are thousands should be banned by CIA….

  31. Farhan Kamal is heading this online education unit . many other VPS and AVPS can tell clearly how they used to do . they sell Degree directly to students , they do PPC to bring leads on different of there Fake websites and Sell them Degrees . many other names Umaima Jalal , Farhan kamal , syed Imran and other managers . FIA should Questioned them and HR department as well ,.

  32. All the employees migrating BOL must be hauled up…. as sure everyone of them, while sitting on their hunches doing nothing, very well knew as from where they were being paid so extravagantly. Why they kept Mum for so long,…?

  33. To the administrators of Pakistan Today.

    I urge you to take the employ names down. As this is really the worst kind of journalism you can do.

    Heck, is this even journalism?

    The employee Fouad Khan, whose quotes and references you add. Didn't he work in the same position in R & D and do the same thing for a long period of time.

    So what makes him any better?

    This is really horrible for the families, you wouldn't wish it on yours — especially in a society like Pakistan, where its difficult enough for women to work.

    I would hope that you will do another version of this article without the employee names.

  34. Creating of such a high profile TV Channel BOL was a Bad idea right from its offing. No pilot station was run<> The Media Tycoons they felt it as BOL were there to challenge their monopoly. They found financer Axact and worked on it. Findidng NO fangs BOL was taken like a sitting duck and they have hit Axact n BOL hard and hit very hard

    • i agree. its a scam against bol and Axact. Axact is not into all this. this document is not of axact even

  35. Good work!!
    It takes a great deal of courage to produce something like this!!
    Well done!

  36. Battol A wonderful job you have pull out the secrets of this black company along with names needs Courage # Respect

    • Axact did not do this, they are doing legal business. please support Axact

  37. shame on you pakistan today you hit a new low. you could have publised this report without taking any names.

  38. Do not let those, ESCAPE,. who purchased the Degrees knowing these are fake. They should surrender the DEGRESS and face legal consequesces.

    Authorities must trace when and how and from where they obtaineted the DEGREES. If the got the job or benefitted by these degrees FIR must be lodged.

    Do not sympathise with the purchaser of Degrees. Have the NOT as honest person then there would not be such CRISES.

  39. Any Pakistani so called investigative journalist made any research to find out what the IT companies like the Axact in other countries are doing or offering to the student clients? Why the US Government did not react on the issue of Axact? The so called Holy Cow, NYT published a story on existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which proved a blatant lie but paved the way for US attack on Iraq.

  40. Mr fouad naseer as much as I am aware you were an employee at axact for about 4 yrs n resigned recently only…if they were involved in wrong doings where was ur conscience then?. kindly return the wealth that u have accumulated in those 4 years cause I am sure you would not be wanting to keep something that according to you is haram or of black money…n people who r commenting in favour of mr fouad I have a question someone who works for an org for 4 years and does not realize that he is doing something wrong and resigns suddenly prob because of no growth Is it right to beleive such a Person. It is ok to have a personal opinion about axact but extra information provided by the individuals like fouad and batool r an axample of rivalry within the organization

  41. I think someone also mention that from IT industry – that sites like, and freelancer, guru also publish jobs from students which want different people do there assignments and quiz why no one sue elance and upwork, why no one ask those students? Half of Indain IT professionals doing same, and By law AXACT IS NOT FURAD FOR DOING THIS – ITS THOSE STUDENTS WHO GAVE THEM THERE ASSIGNMENT TO DO THAT. AND THOSE UNIVERSITIES WHO ALLOW STUDENTS TO DO THAT.

  42. i have great visual proofs for the websites they operate with. In form of source design files of several universities and online research. Anyone fancy to safely share with authorities?

  43. I don't know what's more unethical and opputunistic, Axact or Hassan Naqvi for leaking out employees and students names and their online account passwords like this.

  44. #justiceforAxact – And this is an example of why Pakistan is moving backward on the tracks of success. A perfectly fine organization running a completely legal business all over the world, bringing in foreign exchange while creating thousands of jobs in Pakistan, is being destroyed by a mafia who for some reason felt threatened by Axact's entry in to electronic media.

  45. Batool u should be shameful as everybody knows ur reality why u were thrown out of axact…u n fouad did ur best in dirtying axact’s environment with ur romance.. but this act of urs is an example stooping too low…it is worse than two timing..

  46. i am an x acatian and i have watched the whole scene in the van of Axact when going to Picnic. Battol is a girl who says that everyone is watching her and else. Their is an affair between Faoud n Batool but please dont take the names FIA should investigate batool. She is a little bit Mad girl and often blame the VP (Ibtehaj Lalaruk) of accusing her.

    • lol i know the affair was her private affair, but revealing the name , be it a revenge or not, take guts and anger to do so. lets see if the people with the videos come out or they decide not to go down as her… this little story of batool seems to be quite interesting amid the whole issue lol. keep updating haha.

      • Being an axactian i know that their isnt any Video. the one on the picnic is only seems by few of our group girls and this didint have the video record. But Batool goes with Foud khan daily instead of going through Office van foud drops her daily at 7 p.m. Else batool lives in a on Karsaz which is shady and dark at this time. Video never revels.

        • i think her fiance has the right to know abt her so called relationship ….she should tell him herself…

  47. Now wait a minute, the whole of Pakistan atleast Karachi always knew what Axact was doing even apart from the fake degrees why didn't they raise their voice before? Why suddenly play the who " hawwwww " card and sound so surprised and condemn them. Just because a media war has taken place and today they are just dragging each others reputation through the dirt so NOW suddenly the AWAAM of karachi and pakistan find fault with it? The kind of money they dish out all you " HAW HAI's " would have kept your mouths shut and worked there IF you were hired but because you either didn't make it or don't have the guts to voice your own opinions and need someone else to use as a shield and whine is PATHETIC. And no i never have nor ever would have encouraged anyone to work there. But atleast i am not a hypocrite like you guys….

  48. i just want to say stand with axact/bol coz Geo/Jew dont want to prosper pakistan with educated people.sharif baradarans remains forever on our head.

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