Lawmakers empathise with Shadbagh fire victims’ family


Punjab Law, Finance, Excise and Taxation Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman Tuesday said officials responsible for Shadbagh fire incident will be punished as per the findings of the enquiry committee looking into the matter. He was answering a question in the Punjab Assembly.

He said the enquiry report would soon be completed regarding the incident.

A resolution on Shadbagh incident to express solidarity with the affected family was presented in the house which was adopted with a majority.

Earlier, PA session started 55 minutes behind schedule with recitation from the Holy Quran.

Parliamentary Secretary for Welfare and Baitul Maal Ilyas Ansari answered the questions of the parliamentarian regarding welfare and Baitul Maal during the question-hour.

Mujtaba Shujaur answered several questions raised by the parliamentarians on different issues.

The house also debated on the supremacy of the parliament defined by the constitution.

Later, about ten resolutions on different issues of public welfare were presented, of them, most of the resolutions were unanimously passed by the house and only one resolution remained pending at the end of the session.

Assembly member Nighat Sheikh presented a resolution in which, she demanded that vaccination against water borne diseases should be carried out, like the vaccinations of measles, polio and other diseases which was adopted unanimously.

Assembly member Amir Sultan Cheema tabled two resolutions on the provision of Hepatitis-C injections and tests in the hospitals across the province which were also passed by the house.

Parliamentarian Khadija Umar also presented two resolutions, one of them was on increasing the number of National Database and Registration Authority offices and staff in proportion with the population and the second one was regarding the fixation of nets on butcher shops across the province. The house passed both the resolutions unanimously.

Assembly member Dr Waseem Akhtar tabled a resolution in which he urged to decrease the fare of Umrah tickets by Pakistan International Airlines which was also adopted.

A resolution presented by assembly member Lubna Faisal against the usage of tranquilisers and drugs was also passed by the house with an amendment suggested by Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman.

Assembly member Aslam Iqbal introduced a resolution on provision of clean drinking water which was passed by the house.

Another resolution was tabled by assembly member Dr Salahuddin Khan in which he demanded to declare wheat producing areas of Mianwali, Isakhel and Piplan as calamity-hit area which was adopted by the house.

Later, the session was adjourned till Wednesday.