Salman Ahmed claims ‘Jazba-e-Junoon’ to be bigger than ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’


According to a statement on BBC by ‘Junoon’ founder Salman Ahmed, ‘Jazba Junoon’ apparently became a bigger sensation than ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, it was claimed. 

Ahmed was talking to RJ Noreen Khan for a radio documentary titled ‘Pakistan Rocks!’, which had interviewed him, Rohail Hyatt, Asad Ahmed and Gohar Mumtaz, all leading musicians of Pakistan, in the attempt to explore the arrival and evolution of guitar-driven music in Pakistan, according to sources.

Later on, he went on to say that when he wrote a theme song for cricket, Jazba Junoon became bigger than Dil Dil Pakistan, which had a mixed feedback from the listeners.