Memon promises 800 free water tankers for thirsty Karachi


To overcome water crisis in Karachi, Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Memon vowed on Sunday to send 800 water tankers to the affected areas of the city for free.

“At least 800 water tankers will be supplied to the city today,” Memon said while addressing a media conference in Karachi.

“The public does not need to make any payments,” the minister said, adding that these are not free for residents of posh areas. He claimed that around 549 water tankers were sent in the city yesterday and a number of 1,000 water tankers will be sent till Ramazan.

“Around 22 pumps are functional and supplying water in different areas of the city,” the minister said.

Memon added that at least 18 water metres have been installed in Karachi to track theft and 62 illegal connections have been disconnected.

Moreover, the minister said people must trust the police and other law enforcement agencies who are sacrificing their lives to restore peace in Karachi.

Speaking to media after his visit to Karachi Water Board Office, he said Karachi police was being trained to take on terrorists, expressing resolve to continue on-going Karachi operation till the last militant was eliminated.

He said terrorists have challenged government’s writ, and as Pakistan Army’s Operation Zarb-e-Azb is underway, campaign against terrorists will also continue in Karachi till the elimination of last terrorist.

Replying to a question regarding Zulfiqar Mirza, Memon said cases against the former home minister were lodged since he has challenged the government’s writ, adding that judiciary should take notice of it.