Country in trouble due to incompetent leadership: Musharraf


While addressing the gathering of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML)’s youth wing on Sunday, former president and APML chief General (r) Pervez Musharraf has said that all ongoing problems faced by the country are due to lack of capable leadership.

Musharraf said no leader could emerge in Pakistan to take the country on the path of progress. He raised questions over the performance of democratic governments and said that industries were being shut in the country owning to security reasons.

“The time I left, I didn’t even imagine that leadership of the country would be so incompetent that we will continue to plunge into crisis,” regretted Musharraf. He said people don’t care about democracy or dictatorship; they want peace, basic needs and progress of the country.


  1. You yourself was icon of incompetent leadership who introduced crisis in Pakistan. Today after 15 years, Pakistan is gradually attempting to get back on it's way, so refrain yourself from passing silly statements and stop being afraid to appear in courts. Get well soon you sick.

  2. Dear sir Pervez Musharraf,
    This country will never appreciate all the great work that you did for it.
    The people of this country are arrogant,ignorant and misinformed. Let them rot in their
    own waste.

    They are ungrateful.

    May you live long sir.

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