Fight terror, not each other!


Nisar calls for unity against terrorism, says calls for CMs’ resignations after every terror attack ‎fulfil terrorists’ agenda

Federal Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Saturday emerged from the shadows, calling on the nation to unite in the war against terrorism and stressing that terror attacks in provinces did not warrant resignations by the chief ministers.

Nisar, who has been keeping a low profile in the recent months because of differences with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on a host of issues, addressed a public gathering in Kallar Syedan where he rallied support for anti-militancy operations being carried out in several parts of the country.

“The solution is not to fight among ourselves, rather we should unite as a nation and fight terrorism together,” he said in reference to the massacre of Ismaili Shias in Karachi’s Safoora Chowrangi area. He said that the war on terrorism would be won at all costs to make the country a ‘cradle of peace’.

“We need to understand that terrorist attacks are carried out to divide and break the resolve of the nation. I am not speaking in support of the chief ministers but nowhere in the world are resignations demanded on the basis of terrorist attacks,” the minister said.

Nisar said when such demands are made after terrorist attacks, it fulfils the purpose of anti-state elements. He said that terrorists were carrying out sectarian killings to divide the nation and appealed the people to collectively confront the enemies of the country.

According to the minister, stern measures have been taken against miscreants and terrorists in the country due to which they were now targeting soft targets in desperation. He added that terrorists aimed to drive a wedge in society through acts of terrorism and it is the responsibility of the entire nation and political parties to commit to the defeat against terrorists.

Commenting on the overall law and order situation in the country, he said that since the launch of the operation in June 2014, things had improved and reassured that further efforts to eradicate criminal acts would be beefed up.

The minister said that he was going to prepare a three-year schedule for each union council which he would then also prepare for each province.

The interior minister has been missing in action for quite some time.

Although the minister had attended the recently held joint session of the parliament which was addressed by Chinese President Xi Jinping on April 21, Nisar has not been seen in important meetings chaired by the prime minister.

Sources in the ruling party said that the interior minister was unhappy with the prime minister for not fulfilling commitments made with him since long.

“The last time Chaudhry Nisar attended a meeting with prime minister was in January last. Since then, Nisar has missed all such meetings and the premier also looks uninterested in inviting him. So it seems that now the matter has turned from issues to egos,” a PML-N leader said.

He claimed that it is now evident that Nisar slowly but surely is on his way out of the close circle of the premier as the family members are dominating the decision-making in the Prime Minister’s House.

Sources close to Nisar told Pakistan Today that the interior minister was upset with the premier for ignoring him in several important decisions including the government’s commitment to Saudi Arabia to send troops to Yemen, a decision which was eventually turned down by the country’s parliament.

Another factor which is adding fuel to the fire is that despite several commitments, the Finance Ministry is reluctant to provide adequate funds for some projects in the Interior Ministry.

The Interior Ministry has time and again sought funds for strengthening the National Counterterrorism Authority (NACTA) but the Finance Ministry is reluctant to provide the required funds. Moreover, the establishment of a joint directorate of intelligence also remains on papers.

“The Finance Ministry did not pay Rs 32 billion for NACTA and implementation of National Action Plan in provinces and instead doled out Rs 40 billion for the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus project, which also irked the interior minister,” said the sources.


  1. Relations between Nawaz & Nisar have reached a point where they do not seem to have a working relationship. Interior ministry is very important. Nisar should either be given some ministry like Youth Affairs or shown the door. Similarly, Nawaz needs to reshuffle his whole cabinet and appoint full time ministers of Defence & Foreign Affairs. He needs to rid the government of his family members and run affairs of the state in a manner which does not give the impression of nepotism & cronyism.

  2. The Interior Ministry needs fund to implement NAP in the letter and spirit. The reluctance of Finance Minister to provide necessary funds is annoying and absurd. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has given a sound advise. He is the only sane individual among the cabinet ministers.

    The rumors of difference between P.M and I.M should die down. Ch. is on board with the government. Divisive politics is not in anybody's interest . Unity discipline and faith must be strictly adhered to as a principle and need of the hour.

    We must have Unity among our political parties and rest of the interest groups too. A house divide falls with a slight push. We should guard our unity jealously otherwise our enemies will overpower us.

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