Divided we fall, COAS tells intel agencies


Gen Sharif praises ISI’s role in countering terrorism but calls for more proactive and coordinated role between country’s intelligence agencies to counter enemy threats

Army Chief General Raheel Sharif on Friday stressed the need for intelligence agencies to play a more proactive and coordinated role for an effective counterterrorism campaign in order to curtail the hostile agency’s moves to destabilise Pakistan.

Gen Raheel said this during a visit to ISI headquarters where he was briefed by Director General ISI Lieutenant-General Rizwan Akhtar about the internal and external security situation of the country and the ongoing counter terrorism operations.

The army chief also emphasised the need to further coordinate and synergise a combined civil-military intelligence effort at national level by providing all agencies requisite support and ever developing modern intelligence techniques.

When briefed on pre-empting a number of terrorist act and successful raids, the army chief appreciated ISI’s role in preventing numerous terrorist attacks.

General Raheel said that most of the achievements and successes of intelligence agencies go unnoticed but their accomplishments for the defence of the country are phenomenal which deserve due recognition and acknowledgment.