India rejects Pakistan’s RAW accusations


India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday rejected Pakistan Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry’s accusations about Indian intelligence agency RAW being involved in terror activities in the neighbouring country as ‘baseless allegations’.

“These are baseless allegations. The entire world knows where the hub of terrorism is, nobody needs to tell that,” Rajnath said at a press conference. Chaudhry had stated at a press briefing earlier that Pakistan had taken up the matter many times at the highest level with the Indian authorities. He also reportedly said that if the Indian spy agency was found to be involved in the Karachi attacks, Pakistan would bring up the issue at various international fora.


  1. As if hes going to admit indias involvement. Why has india fot 26 consulates along pak afghan border? To issue visas? Lol!! Arms weapons terror training money is whats happening in these consulates

  2. The central problem is law and order; major criminals in Pakistan in the 21st century are pretty ruthless; recently 6 killers killed 45 people in a bus attack and didn’t bat an eyelid; because of these criminals thousands of Pakistanis have died not to mention incalculable economic losses; I feel vindicated to suggest an execution rate of at least 50 per month in terms of killers and major criminals; that is the least the state can be expected to do. We really need to send a message that killers and major criminals will have no second chances in Pakistan.

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