Election probe witnesses banned from meeting

  • PTI to present Salman Akram Raja’s election tweets before JC
  • PML-N think tank sits today to thrash out counterstrategy

The Judicial Commission (JC) probing alleged irregularities in General Elections 2013 has banned five prosecution witnesses from meeting until they record their statements. The commission has summoned the witnesses for Monday (today) to record their statements.

Out of 14 witnesses, three have been cross-examined while five will appear today to record their statements before they were cross-examined by the party to the case.

The witnesses include official of Printing Corporation of Pakistan Press Karachi Muzaffar Ali Bhatti, Printing Corporation of Pakistan Press Lahore’s Muhammad Rafique, Printing Corporation of Pakistan Press Islamabad’s Musa Raza Afandi, official of Postal Foundation Press Islamabad Ejaz Ahmed Minhas and Pakistan Security Printing Corporation Karachi official Rizwan Ahmed.

Moreover, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will present Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) lawyer Salman Akram Raja’s election tweets before the commission.

Raja tweeted on 15, 18 and 19 May, 2013 in which he criticized ECP. PTI says that when ECP’s own lawyer criticizes it, how he would defend ECP now, reported a private news channel.

Raja said that he has not yet seen the tweets but no court accept any proof which consists of “momentary emotions or instant outburst of feelings”. He said that he tweeted about his momentary point of view which has no weight in court.

Raja said that he did not criticise ECP in his tweets. He said that he mentioned in his tweets that there had been no major rigging but only irregularities in some constituencies.


In the meanwhile, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA)’s forensic report of NA-122 constituency, where it said several fingerprints of voters could not be verified due to poor ink, has sent a wave of consternation in the ruling party.

A 40-member think tank of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz will have a three-day consultation from Monday (today) to thrash out a counterstrategy to meet the possible fallout of the JC’s findings on that particular constituency.

A source privy to the development told Online that if same discrepancies were found in other soon-to-be-reopened constituencies, it could exacerbate difficulties for the ruling party.

The source said that the think tank comprising lawyers and senior politicians after brainstorming will present its course of action and counterstrategy plan to the prime minister within 72 hours.