Water woes – CDA fails to secure necessities


A serious water shortage has made life miserable for residents of the twin cities, despite assurance of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and its counterpart in Rawalpindi to ensure smooth water supply.

With the start of summer, demand for water increases but the residents are supplied water for a few minutes during the day forcing the citizens to look for other alternative sources.

Inhabitants of various areas are facing hardships and cannot cope with unreliable water supply at times. Sensing the gravity of the situation, the tanker mafia has increased the rates.

The residents of the area opined that due to poor planning, various houses in the metropolis are not getting appropriate supply of water and CDA should take steps to ensure smooth and adequate water supply.

Resident of F/6-1 Adnan Tahir while talking to media said they were facing water shortage for the last two weeks and buying water tankers at exorbitant rates.

He said residents of the area have given numerous applications to the concerned authorities to take notice and resolve the water shortage problem.

When contacted, a Water Management Wing CDA official said that the water consumption increases manifold during the summer months while unscheduled load shedding and lavish use of water by the residents are the major reasons behind the water shortage.

He said the concerned department has also been directed for necessary repair maintenance of water tankers, tube-wells and water filtration plants.

The situation is not different for the Rawalpindi residents where in several localities, the authorities failed to supply water, forcing the residents to rely on water tanker mafia.

A resident of Gulshanabad, sector-I, Adiyala road, Rawalpindi, Khurram Hussain said he had shifted to this Punjab Government Housing Scheme some two years ago and failed to get a drop of water from the official connection.