Rs 30m meds stolen by CDA Hospital officials


A massive misappropriation scam has been detected at the CDA Hospital, as administration officials have been found to have made off with Rs30 million-worth medicine.

The CDA Hospital pharmacy in charge S A Malik has gone into hiding after the scam was unearth and a source confirmed that he has fled the country to avoid arrest.

According to documents available with the media, the CDA security officials raided the CDA Hospital pharmacy and found massive appropriation in the stock and its purchase and supply chain.

According to the 11-page documents, which was sent to the CDA director-general administration, despite increasing the hospital’s medicine budget from Rs60 million to Rs140 million, the hospital was facing a crippling shortage of medicines, forcing patients to look towards expensive private medical stores.

“The massive misappropriation in the purchase of medicine was making rounds for the last many months but the CDA administration ignored the issue, allowing the corrupt pharmacy in charge to flee the country,” said a source at the hospital adding that the matter will be hushed-up as many other officials were also involved in the scam.

Hundred of patients including CDA employees visit the hospital for their treatment but they have recently complained of shortage of medicine, prompting the authorities to initiate an inquiry into the matter.

A CDA seven-member security team headed by Muhammad Buhan and Khalid Ahmed conducted a raid on the pharmacy and found several medicines worth millions of rupees missing from the stock.

The raiding team found several irregularities in the purchase and issuance of medicines to the patients while maintaining a shoddy record. By the time the raiding team reached the hospital, someone tipped the in charge about the raid, which has reportedly gone into hiding since then.

According to the documents, several medicines worth millions of rupees was missing from the stock while a shoddy record has been maintained by the hospital administration. The team has recommended a strict action against the responsible for their involvement in the scam.