Defiant Mirza ready to kill or get killed

  • Former PPP leader in ‘protective siege’ at his farmhouse amidst police deployment and routes blocked
  • Mirza says former president Zardari will be ‘executed in three days if he opens his mouth’
  • Fehmida says Sindh Police is trying to harm her husband, demands neutral policemen deployed at Badin farmhouse


Amidst heavy police deployment in Badin and all routes leading to his farmhouse blocked with his suspected arrest on the cards, former home minister and estranged Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Zulfiqar Mirza’s stood defiant Tuesday against all accusations and resorted to hurling accusations at the PPP leadership.

After putting up a ravaging show at Model Police Station the other day and landing himself in terrorism cases, Mirza managed to obtain protective bail from the Sindh High Court on Monday in four criminal cases pertaining to the attack and ransacking of the police station in Badin. However, sources say that the former Sindh home minister may be arrested.

A division bench, headed by Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi, which granted the bail in the sum of Rs 100,000 each, ordered him to surrender before the trial court by May 6 (today).

Mirza, who is at his farmhouse in Badin, approached the high court through his lawyer Ashraf Samon, seeking protective bail as he escaped his arrest following the posting of Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Rao Anwaar in Badin.

Samon alleged that the Badin police had, on Sunday, tried to arrest and kidnap Mirza, his companions and well-wisher Nadeem Mughal, a Badin businessman. Mirza went to Model Town Police Station to register an FIR against the culprits but the officials did not do so despite giving an assurance, he claimed, adding that they lodged four “false” FIRs against the petitioner and his other supporters under the provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

Talking to a news channel from his farmhouse, Mirza claimed that former president Zardari could be hanged till death within three months “if he opened his mouth”, adding that Zardari wanted to join forces with those “desirous of Pakistan breakup”.

He also took Faryal Talpur to task, exhorting her “not to be more loyal than the king”, adding that Benazir Bhutto never had Talpur in any of her meetings. “Faryal Talpur has lust for pots of money. But, we will not let her take away the bags of currency notes abroad,” he added.

TV footages on Tuesday evening showed Zulfiqar Mirza armed with a Kalashnikov rifle standing at the gate of his farmhouse along with several dozen armed supporters.

Talking to reporters, Mirza said that he was prepared to lay down his life for the protection of his friends, adding that any police operation against him would be met with fierce resistance and he would go to court “on his own”.


Coming to her husband’s defence, former National Assembly speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza on Tuesday claimed that the Sindh Police was trying to harm Mirza.

“I am very concerned for the security of my husband. He has been a home minister and an MNA,” she told reporters at a press conference at her home in Karachi.

Presenting a court order for Mirza’s protective bail, Fehmida said, “Even though I have the court order, there is police outside Mirza’s farmhouse in Badin and his life is in grave danger as they are constantly firing. I strongly condemn this and request the chief justice of Pakistan and Sindh chief justice to take notice of this immediately.”

Fehmida claimed that the Sindh Police has become highly politicised and urged the government to send neutral police officers to Badin who have no ties to politics. “Sindh Police IG should be appointed on merit,” the former NA speaker asserted.

Concerned about the situation of the people living in Badin, Fehmida said that they are not being provided with basic necessities. “There are restrictions on everything in Badin; water, food, basic necessities. Nothing can pass through,” she said.

Further, she demanded knowing who was behind the raids that were being conducted at random in Badin. “It is the Sindh government’s responsibility to find out who is conducting these raids,” she said.