Mohajir Qaumi Movement demands sedition case against Altaf


Mohajir Qaumi Movement central leader Aftab Hassan on Sunday strongly demanded a sedition case against MQM chief Altaf Hussain and MQM Rabita Committee for maligning the Pakistan Army.

“The latest derogatory and anti-Army assertions by the ‘mafia chief’ Altaf Hussain is not a new issue. He has been targeting the Pakistan’s security institutions in the past too and now deserve prosecution,” Aftab Hassan told INP in an interview on Sunday.

He said the on-going operation in the metropolitan city was against the hard core criminals and extortionists and this was not meant to push any party or group against the wall. He stressed that this operation should be intensified to flush out the offenders from the face of society. The Mohajir leader pointed out that still there were ‘no go areas’ in the city as his party leaders and activists could not go to their houses, however, he highly supported the current operation for the culmination of the outlaws.

The people of Karachi, he said, were grateful to the Army Chief, ISI chief, Corps Commander and DG Rangers for the operation and said the people of all sects and races stand shoulder to shoulder with the corps commander and DG Rangers as they were expecting that they would get rid of the mafia this time. Mohairs wanted to see the operation with its logical end, he commented.

Replying to a question, he said Mohajirs were not terrorists as they express their sentiments through arguments and with the power of their pen and not with the guns.

To another question about the demand of bifurcation of Sindh province, he said: “We are the sons of soil and would not allow it to happen at any cost. The division of Sindh is the demand of those who resort to set on fire the flags of Pakistan and Mohajirs. There is no linguistic rift among the people in Karachi as they live with patience except the mafia”, he maintained.

To yet another question, he said the Mohajirs had been pushed against the wall during the 2013 general elections. “We were not allowed to visit our constituencies and now we have approached the judicial commission with our genuine complaints. Our proofs are irrefutable and we expect justice from the commission”, he observed.

He said the Mohajirs would have clinched all seats of Karachi had the general elections held in transparent and impartial environment.