Ayyan Ali guilty: Interim Challan verdict



Authorities are still in the process of retrieving the deleted data from seized mobile phones of supermodel Ayyan Ali at the time she got arrested, according to local media sources.

The interim challan which has been submitted to court stated that the mobile phones were taken into custody when she was attempting to smuggle foreign currency out of the country on March 14 this year, reported sources.

“The two phones were sent to the Intelligence Bureau (IB) on March 16 for decoding,” the interim challan stated, according to sources.

The supermodel has reportedly travelled abroad 81 times in five years.

International Bureau has failed to retrieve data from these phones, reported a local media outlet.

Customs officials quoting the interim challan said that investigators also sought the details of the money recovered from her possession from the Customs Intelligence on April 20, reportedly.

“So far the reply is awaited,” the challan stated.

The challan stated that the foreign currency appeared to belong to the accused and she received this money from the middleman and the buyer and they had failed to appear before the investigators, according to local media sources.

The challan further stated that the accused cannot possess and transport this currency abroad without written permission, under the Customs Act and Foreign Exchange Regulatory Act 1947. It stated that Ayyan Ali is guilty, according to the above given evidence.


  1. After doing time for her crime, at the rate they are feeding her in jail, she can totally pull off a heroine in Punjabi cinema. Or even revive it and become its saviour.

  2. How can be data wiped out after taking into custody, it needs speical key combination or command to enter recovery mode and wipe out data. and yet formated data should easily be recovered once access of the phones. I am smelling something fishy. I am certain of the fact that mobile phones were taken by officers in working order, some one has done it in the department and like always, our system is full of lies.

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