Substandard furnace oil import enquiry in final stage


The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has almost finalised an enquiry into the import of substandard furnace oil by the Petroleum Ministry through the Pakistan State Oil (PSO).

The PSO and the Petroleum Ministry had imported the substandard furnace oil from Gulf countries and as soon as the ship carrying the oil reached the Karachi Port it turned that the oil was of inferior quality, which led HUBCO and other subscribers to pick the oil.

Petroleum Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Petroleum Secretary Arshad Mirza and PSO Managing Director Shahid Islam during their visit to Gulf countries had clinched a deal with to import the furnace oil, which proved to be of inferior quality.

Sources said that the minister and the two officials tried their best to woo the potential subscribers to purchase the furnace oil even on defer payment but they failed in their bid.

The minister and the PSO top management suspended some junior officials as face-saving before the matter was referred to the FIA for inquiry to fix responsibility.

A source in the FIA told Online that Abbassi, Mirza and Islam were the main characters who were responsible for importing substandard furnace oil and they were also likely to face the enquiry.