Who will stop domestic violence killings?


A recent facebook  community by the name of Justice for Tahira Khoso has been going viral over social media. Tahira was yet another female victim of domestic violence in Pakistan, where hundreds of cases are registered every year, excluding the ones that aren’t even reported. 

Tahira Khoso, victim of domestic violence went through barbaric torture before she was shot dead by her husband at Jacobabad.

This is the first time such an event has made it to social media so rapidly, having more than 4700 likes as of now.

A description regarding the page had been provided which states as follows:

Jacobabad is a place where murderers hide behind cultural filth of #Honorkilling, a place where Tahira Khosa was suffering endless misery of domestic violence yet kept silent because of cultural restraints for a woman.

Tahira was severely tortured for several days before being shot point-blank by her husband.

Her killers are being patronized by powerful politicians and feudal lords at Balouchistan, and supported by those who advocate Domestic Violence and Honor Killing as tool of male dominance and cultural norm.

Let’s stand together and end this shameful, distressful cultural filth of Honor killing and lets raise our voice against domestic violence so that no innocent soul suffers a silent death anymore.

The activists have even gone ahead to create a full website for Tahira Khoso, with the link also being provided on the page.

For more details a link has been provided:

Justice for Tahira Khoso


  1. May Allah give this Lady a place in Jannat, and may her killer be brought to justice and Hung! Sooner than later

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