Couple struggles for security after eloping


Two cousins married each other by exercising their free will and ended up at the Sindh High Court Circuit Court Larkana to ask for police protection.

The bride alleged that her relatives had threatened her that they would kill them both. Naziraan, daughter of Akbar Jiskani, resident of Gulashan-e-Maymar, Karachi and Mehboob son of Chakar Jiskani, resident of Sakrand, married a few days ago. The SHC also directed Madeji and Sakrand police stations to provide police protection to the couple. While talking to reporters at the Press Club on Friday, Naziraan said that her relatives wanted her to get her married with someone else, which she did not accept. It was then that she decided to leave her home and get married to her cousin while exercising her free will.

She further said that a fake kidnapping case has also been registered against her husband by her relatives because she married Mehboob at her desire and that he did not abduct her at all. She said Juman Jiskani, Ali Ghulam, Ghulam Sarwar, Khair Muhammad and Ghulam Hussain are threatening that they will kill them both due to which their lives are in extreme danger. They appealed to the authorities to save their lives by providing them with police protection.