Bahawalpur to have world’s largest solar power plant: Pak-China



Pakistan awarded a $1.5 billion contract for its largest solar power project of 900MW to a Chinese company by the name of Zonergy, which has the biggest solar power plant of only 170MW back home, according to local media sources.

After meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Water and Power Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Wednesday, Zonergy Company Limited President Yu Yong told reporters that his company’s total portfolio in China was of 1,200MW worth plants, with the largest being in Xinjiang, according to local media outlets.

He said the company had an association of over 17 years with Pakistan. Previously, it had been engaged in telecommunication sector through another company ZTE since 1998, according to sources.

He explained that Zonergy was not a subsidiary of the ZTE, but one of the largest shareholders in the ZTE was also the largest shareholder in Zonergy.


  1. Excellent…so nice to see Pak spending money on development while India spending money on weapons

  2. These types of Solar panels are not cost effective and yield very low outputs, moreover they are vulnerable to damage caused extreme weather conditions i.e Hail storms and strong winds which tear apart the panels from the ground. So their life expectancy is very short
    Most of these sort of panels are installed in very small proportions around the world for these reasons.
    instead Solar thermal glass panels are gain much support are are popular and durable as well, but those are very costly to develop and maintain.

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