Pakistan and China have ‘shared destiny’

  • Chinese President Xi vows to stand with Pakistan for socio-economic development and upholding Pakistan’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national dignity


Addressing the joint sitting of the Parliament in Islamabad, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday vowed to stand with Pakistan for socio-economic development and for upholding Pakistan’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and national dignity.

The Chinese president said that both Pakistan and China have a “shared destiny” and both will work together for a bright future for their peoples. He said that during his conversation with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, they agreed to further elevate the all-weather strategic partnership and continue to “move together in rain and sunshine”.

Discussing the history of Pakistan-China relations, the Chinese president said that ties are often termed “higher than the Himalayas, deeper than the ocean and sweeter than the honey” by the Pakistanis, while Chinese people refer to Pakistanis as “good friends, good partners and good brothers”.

“Pakistan is a great country. Its people are kind, brave and dignified in character. Over the past 60 years, Pakistan in the face of many domestic and international problems has risen up to the challenges and upheld its sovereignty, territorial integrity as well as achieving significant national and economic development. Pakistan, in the new century, stands at the forefront in the war on terror,” Jinping said.

Appreciating Pakistan’s sacrifices in its war on terror, the president said it has endured enormous sacrifices in upholding peace and stability in the region and the world at large. He announced that his country will provide assistance for the development and reconstruction of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

He said Pakistan has a historic development opportunity and admired the prime minister’s vision to make Pakistan an Asian Tiger. He said it is a comprehensive blueprint for development and expressed confidence that Pakistan will achieve the desired goal. He said the Chinese people will stand by their Pakistanis in this endeavour.

The Chinese president acknowledged that Pakistan has always come forward with selfless and valuable assistance whenever China was hit by difficult times. Similarly, he said, China has come for Pakistan’s help whenever the need arose. In this regard, he mentioned the assistance extended by Pakistan to China in 2008 earthquake and the Chinese assistance to Pakistan in 2010 floods.

Presenting a future roadmap for building a more robust strategic partnership, the Chinese president said both the countries need to work together to strengthen their friendship and economic relations.

“We should continue to support each other on core issues and remain each other’s dependable partners. This year is being observed as a year of friendly exchanges and we should enhance frequent high level exchanges in order to consolidate the relations. Besides, cultural centres and media organizations should also conduct diverse events for the promotion of relations. Groups of one hundred youth from countries should also visit each other to strengthen the people to people contacts.”

Moreover, the president announced that his country will make arrangements to provide training to 2,000 Pakistani youth in diverse fields in the next five years while 1,000 teaching staff will be trained in Chinese language. He said China believes in common development and it will take along Pakistan in this path of development.

Jinping said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will bring prosperity in all parts of Pakistan and the region. He said both the countries should maintain strategic communication on regional and international issues. China supports Pakistan’s constructive role in Afghanistan, he added.

“Both the countries share common threats and they should stick together to confront them. China will enhance Pakistan’s capability in fighting terrorism and meet non-traditional threats. Strong relations with Pakistan will remain top priority of our diplomatic agenda. Regardless of changes at the international level, we will continue to see Pakistan in strategic and long term perspective.”


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