Nuclear agreements would’ve huge impact: Modi


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the nuclear agreements with France and Canada are big achievements and would have a huge impact in the coming days.

Addressing members of parliament of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Modi said that even though every government tried to push through the nuclear deals, but it was successful now.

Modi discussed the various government schemes and said that the government has been dedicated to the poor of this country from the very first day.

During his address, the prime minister also spoke about India’s success in the rescue process during the Yemen crisis and lauded Ministers Sushma Swaraj and VK Singh for their efforts. He also said that the government should always be thankful to the people for reposing their faith in them and electing them with a complete majority.


  1. Yes nuclear deals of India would have huge impact at extreme mass level of killing peoples because i think in Modi's view killing of people in Bhopal gas tragedy and Fukushima was at minor scale. He must be struggling to get more and more deal nuclear deals to kill peoples at mass level and get registered in Guinness book of world record.

  2. Yes PM Modi is very much rights on this that nuclear agreements with France and Canada simultaneously affect at the highest level. Here lies an irony that India enjoys all those nuclear blessings which traditionally meant for NPT signatories states. There is no question that how can a country like India which actually introduced nukes to the South Asia can go so easily without ant conditions for nuclear deals. It is a sheer violation, in fact a mockery of nuclear non-proliferation regimes by joining hands of nuclear cooperation with Defacto nuclear weapon state without any check and balance. There are strong chances that such agreements can lead towards more nuclear weapons proliferation.

  3. India’s nuclear weapons program is destroying the economy and the cost to operate the weapons program is being by the tax payer’s money which can be used for social development. Still Indian nuclear program is lacking far behind in security and safety with a consistent threat of nuclear disaster. This is what the actual impact would be millions will be left shelter less, jobless and food less on the cost of importing the nuclear supplies.

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