India worried as China, Russia expand ties with Pakistan


The deepening economic and defence ties China and Russia are pursuing with Pakistan is worrying New Delhi and it is preparing to convey its concerns to Moscow and Beijing through diplomatic channels, according to Deccan Herald newspaper.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Islamabad is expected to add momentum to the ambitious project of building an economic corridor linking north-western China with southern Pakistan. Xi’s visit to Islamabad is also likely see Beijing announcing its plan to supply eight submarines to Pakistan Navy.

Russia too of late moved to step up its defence ties with Pakistan and the two countries this week agreed to hold their first ever joint military exercise. Moscow is also purportedly planning to invest $2 billion to lay a Liquefied Natural Gas pipeline from Karachi to Lahore.

Sources told Deccan Herald that New Delhi would lodge a strong protest with Beijing if the projects to be announced during Chinese President’s visit to Islamabad included any part of Azad Kashmir.

This could even cast a shadow over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China next month, added sources.

New Delhi is likely to reiterate that the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and any project undertaken by Pakistan — either on its own or in cooperation with China or any other country — in the territory under its “control ” would have “no legal basis and is completely unacceptable”.


  1. Yes exactly,India will be worried about Pak-Sino relationships when stupid media houses like Pakistan Today keep yelling on it.

  2. Seriously, why only India whole world is worried about this failed terrorist state.time to dismentle it.

    • Why is it that inspite of having a growing economy and huge democracy, their are more than 340 million people in India who live under poverty?

      Why is India still a 3rd world country?

    • are you talking about Pakistan? if yes then you must be sleeping while taking that….

  3. Akbar ,

    The problem is that the more you Indians talk big, more insulted you are, I have lived many years abroad mashallah and I have seen how Americans, Europeans make fun of you Indians, I have heardly seen any foreigner making fun of Pakistanis.

    Even in Dubai and Saudia Arab,their are many Indians who are working as chokidars, taxi drivers and tea sellers.
    Arabs don't treat Indians with respect much.

    • What a joke! if this 'brilliant' observer to have his eyes, mind and brain open while abroad he will see that now Pakistanis are hesitant to identify themselves with their origin of the country abroad. They are so ashamed of Pakistan that they cannot utter a single positive thing about it.

  4. Akbar ,

    Their are many categories in which you label a country as a "Failed State", so in which category or index do you Indians label Pakistan as a Failed State"?

    Do you know what is the ranking of India in "WOMEN RIGHTS", "MINORITY RIGHTS" and "HUMAN RIGHTS"?

    Do you know where India stands when it comes to Poverty?

    Apart from Economy, Education, Health and Democracy in which other sector has India performed well?

    • .
      Try comparing with Bangladesh …
      Even they leave Pakistan biting dust …
      If you have just started to learn about lists and rankings, go straight to Wiki and relevant listings from authentic sources …
      So boring …

      • Still u ppl always keep visiting pakistani websites having hard ti es defending your country.. if we are even behind bangladesh then why dont you leave us alone and do your work ….

  5. Akbar,

    Pls check the Bill Gates Foundation Program, in that program they have shown Global Poverty in a Circular Chart, do you know how much is the share of India in "Global Poverty? More than 33% , can you imagine that a country which claims to have huge democracy and growing economy has a share of 33% in Global Poverty? It is a shame.

    Now you might argue that because India has huge population and is a huge country so ,this is why their is more poverty in India, for your information, China has more population than India and is ranked no.1 in Population in the world, even China has only 13% share in Global Poverty and it is quiet surprising to see that inspite of the fact that China is not a Democratic Country" but still China has less poverty than India.

    Now lets come to Minority rights, Shabana Azmi and Imran Hashmi ,2 well known Indian celebrities were not allowed to rent an apartment in Mumbai just because they were muslims and Shabana Azmi gave interview on IBN CNN ,and she complained about it to Indian government and even indirectly criticised Indian government.
    If Celebrities are treated this way, so one can imagine what is the condition of minorities in India?

    What happened in Gujrat State of India in 2002? Who was the Chief Minister of Gujrat at that time?

    What happened with Babri Mosque in 1992 or 1993?

    What happened with many Sikh and Golden Temple of Sikh in Punjab State of India in 1984?

    1st look at the condition of India before opening your dirty mouth.

  6. Kashmir is integral part of Pakistan not India. Recent economic gains by India and Pakistan misfortunes has embolden India as much as it is now calling Pakistani Kashmir its part. In 2008 when Pakistan economy was not as bad as today, Manmohan Singh was negotiating on Kashmir on various formulas including Chenab Formula, where Chenab River to be declared international boundary.
    It makes me recall famous saying "Argument comes from mouth of the gun". We in Pakistan need to put our house in in order otherwise they will start calling whole Pakistan integral part of Pakistan.

    • Sir, in 2008, yes economy of Pakistan was not bad, but pls note that at that time Zardari became the President of Pakistan and you know what happened with the economy of Pakistan from that time till 2013, atleast now things are improving mashallah, check the latest news ,GDP in Pakistan has increased a little, the price of electricity bill has reduced, Petrol price has reduced .
      Mashallah IMF has given green signal to Pakistan indicating that Economy is improving.

    • Kashmir cant never be a part of Pakistan. Pakistan illegally occupied J&K in 1947 when it was ruled by maharajah hari singh.. Go and look at history you will know the truth.. We are investing billions of dollars in purchasing and producing weapons to protect every part of India.. So don't think you will get Jammu & Kashmir any day.

  7. Both country have reasons to expand ties with Pakistan.. China wants to dominate India so they investing and expanding ties with neighboring countries.. and Russia wants to end their economic crisis as we reduced purchasing from Russia and produce Indigenously.. So use this opportunity and develop yourself instead of waging war against India..

  8. Pak India fight over different forum never seems to be real when both communities meet each other abroad.

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