Demo held against Saudi operation in Yemen


Anti War Alliance, a group of civil society, on Saturday held a protest demonstration outside the Karachi Press Club against air strikes on Yemeni people by the Saudi military.

The protesters carrying placards and banners raised slogans against ongoing Saudi operation in Yemen.

They said after passing the resolution from the parliament, it seemed that Pakistan had made itself separate from the whole matter, but on the other side, Pakistan was expected to perform a better role in this regard by the Arab powers.

Addressing the protestors, Student National Federation (NSF) Karachi General Secretary Kabir Ali said Pakistan needed to leave the decision upon Yemeni people that which political system and leadership they want in this whole process. He said Pakistan should play role of mediator to resolve Yemen crisis. Irtiqa Institute representative Kaleem Durani while criticising the dual policy of Pakistan, said Pakistan should oppose every kind of aggression and show solidarity with Yemeni people.

In protest, the participants committed to make platform against the wars and demanded of Saudi Arabia and Iran to restrain from intervening in the internal matters of Yemen.


  1. TRAITORS, same people who support the Indian and Iranian 2003 pact. NOT Pakistanis, these people are HINDUS AND SHIITES.

  2. pak should support saudi being a staunch was saudi Arabia which help pakistan in its rainy days. iran never favour us on any matter such as kashmir etc .we shuld keep ours interest instead of anyone else .

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