Decisions of Karachi will not be taken in London: Siraj ul Haq



Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader Siraj ul Haq stated that women would be playing a leading role in bringing changes to Karachi on April 23, according to local media sources.

Addressing Friday’s rally of women supporters in Karachi in the NA-246 constituency, he claimed that MQM will not be getting any opportunity to rig the elections this time.

Haq further went ahead to state that decisions of Karachi will not be taken in London anymore.

“Hussain resigned at least nine times in the past. When he resigns on April 23, he will not take back his resignation,” he said. 

He called upon the youth and women to change the fate of Karachi with the power of votes. “We will hand over pens, not weapons, to children in Karachi. We will reduce duty hours for women workers,” he stated, according to local media quoting the leader.

The JI chief said that he would work for empowerment of women in Pakistan.