Altaf resigns, retracts after workers’ appeal


Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chairman Altaf Hussain on Friday expressed his displeasure with party officials and workers and once again announced to part ways from the party. However, the announcement was short-lived just as all such previous resignations.

Addressing workers at Jinnah Ground, Altaf Hussain said that the Raabita Committee and the workers can decide how to continue amongst themselves and hung up the telephone.

Tearful party workers appealed to Altaf Hussain to reconsider his decision. After refusing to return to the phone, efforts paid off and Altaf Hussain returned to address his workers.


  1. Someone who cannot stick to his words even for a few hours (time and again) does not deesrve to be called a leader

  2. you call him a leader. Ha Ha …Ha ha. Certainly the IQ level of his followers has gone down. He is not a leader but an aplogy of a leader. I heard his telephonic messages and wondered the mental level of Pakistanis . No average Pakistani should appreciate the quality of leadership displayed by Altaf Bhai. He needs help iin his day to day living and so do the Pakistanis who listen to his whining. True Pakistani leadership has never been ideal and never will be, because it has permanent mindset from centuries of rhetoric thrown by its kings and exploiters. But it is changing slowly as new generations are interacting with modern world and cyber technology. It will certainly change the future behavior of rulers.True! the country's problems are many but the way, it is tackled is no not idea. When a layman is not given justice to his rights, the problem will remain there forever.

    Altaf Bhai has accumulated enough wealth to support him all his life. He is advised to have self-analysis that no country will tolerate his antics except ONE AND THE ONLY GOD_GIVEN PAKISTAN. ONE CANNOT LIVE IN VACUUM BUT CAN FLOURISH IN PAKISTAN. BHATTA and EXTORTION ARE RULE OF THE DAY. NO CIVIL SOCIETY WILL TOLERATE IT EXCEPT PAKISTAN. CONTRATULATION ! O YOU- PAKISTANIS.

  3. Is he planning to make a century of quitting and continuing? Is no one else capable to lead the party? It is the main dilemma of Pakistan politics.

  4. "Dhongee Baaba" shall continue his favorite "Dhong and Makkar" as long as he heading this party.

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